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According to the NJ Board of Bar Examiners website, the Board seeks to release the February bar exam results by May 15th. The grades are posted on the website 72 hours after they are mailed to the candidates. Keep checking the website at for postings.

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Q: When are the New Jersey Bar results released?
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When will the July 2009 New Jersey bar exam results be posted?

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When are July 2008 new jersey bar results posted?

September 2008.

When will the July 2011 New Jersey bar results be posted?

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When exactly are February 2008 new york bar results posted?

RESULTS OF BAR EXAMINATION - The results of the bar examination, in the form of written pass/fail notices, are mailed to all applicants on the same day. A list of all successful applicants is posted on this web site the same day, and on the web site of the New York Law Journal. While the Board does not set a specific date for the release of bar exam results, historically results from the summer examination are release in mid-November, and the results of the winter examination are released in mid-May.Source:

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