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Q: When and why would you use a short serve in badminton?
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What is serve in badminton?

a serve is were you use a variety of techniques to get the shuttle to the other side.

Why do you use forehand in badminton?

when you want a high serve

What are the strategy of badminton doubles?

One simple badminton strategy often used in singles is to serve long and high to your opponent's back court. This will force your opponent to move back to the baseline and open up his forecourt. Use a short serve when you want your opponent to lift the shuttle. It is commonly used during doubles.

What are the skills in badminton?

It is very similar to tennis, but it helps if you have short arms because that's why they use long rackets. It is also useful to be rather tall to hit the shuttle cocks over the net. So to summarise the best badminton players are tall with short arms.

What sport plays with a shuttlecock?

A shuttlecock is traditionally made with goose feathers stuck into a cork base, but rubber and plastic shuttlecocks are more common now, as they are less easier to become damaged or ripped. The sport that shuttlecocks are used in is badminton.

Where would you use a shuttlecock?

Easy, Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks are for professionals Plastic are for amateurs.

What equipment is needed badminton?

a badminton racket, a shuttlecock and sometimes people use a net

When to use short answers?

The best time to use a short answer as opposed to a long one, is usually when a point needs to be made quickly. A short answer can serve to quickly summarize an answer but with less detail involved.

What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?

The worst Yonex badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

Basic skills of badminton?

there are three basic skills:-correct gripping of your racket-serve-A good forehand overhead stroke is formed upon a good overhead throwing movement.

Use of technology in badminton?

gail platt