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Q: When and where was the first Victorian Olympics?
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Were there Olympics in the Victorian times?

Yes the Olympics in Victorian times started again in 1869

What were the Victorian Olympics like?

not as good as today

Who was the first and the last Victorian kings?

There were no Victorian kings. There was a Victorian era, which took its name from England's long reigning QueenVictoria.

When did Germany first compete in the Olympics?

At the first Olympics in 1896.

When start the first Olympics?

the first olympics started in 1896

Where is the first Olympics held?

it was in the ancient greece the first olympics

First place in the Olympics?

First place in the Olympics? Gold

When was the first Victorian horse and carriage built?

The first Victorian horse and carriage built in Hungary in the 15 to 16 centry.

How many people in a Victorian class?

my school was victorian and it had 12 puples in when it first opened

What country was victorious in the first Olympics?

Greece was the country that started the olympics so they won in the first olympics.

Why is Greece first in the Olympics?

Greece is first in the Olympics because Greece is where the Olympics started in ancient times.

Where was the first Olympics first held?

Both the first ancient Olympics and the first modern Olympics were held in Greece.