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Gymnastics were part of the Olympics as early as 1896, men were the athlete for women were not allowed to compete at the time. Men's gymnastics were popular enough to become a game in the Olympics.

In 1928 were the women's first try at Olympic gymnastics. The first women's gymnastics were in Amsterdam.

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Q: When and where was gymnastics first an olympic event?
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What is an olympic event that has a judge?


When was gymnastics considered an Olympic event?

Gymnastics was considered a sport in the olympics in 1954.

When did rhythmic gymnastics become an Olympic event?

in 1984

An Olympic event that have a judge?

Swimming, gymnastics, iceskating

What year did the gymnastics Olympic games start?

The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Athens, Greece and Gymnastics was an event there.

What was the first event held?


When did gymnastics first become a Olympic sport?


When was rhythmic gymnastics introduced into the Olympics?

Rythmic gymnastics was introduced as an individual sport in 1984 and in 1996 as a team event in the Olympic games.

What is the difference between Olympic gymnastics and nrhythmic gymnastics?

You can do rythmic gymnastics in the olympics, it is just another form of gymnastics, olympic gymnastics can be any form of gymnastics performed at the olympic games.

Who won the first medal in olympic gymnastics?

Germany and Mexico

When did Rhythmic Gymnastics first become an Olympic sport?

in 1984

Name a olympic event that has a judge?

skating, gymnastics, swimming, diving, boxing, skiing, tennis

Is gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Yes, gymnastics is a Summer Olympic sport.

Is Rhythmic gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport.

What is the Olympic points scoring system?

Each Olympic event has its own scoring system. Gymnastics are based on one to ten system that is determine by the judges.

Is pommel hourse a men's Olympic sport?

Yes the pommel horse is part of the Gymnastics event for men in the Olympics

How many gold medals are awarded in olympic gymnastics?

14 medals are awarded in olympic gymnastics

Who is the first Olympic female to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics?

nadia comaneci

When was the first gymnastics competition?

First recorded would be 776 BC, the first Ancient Olympic Games

What winter Olympic event was first held in 1988 and won by Canada?

Curling, but it was not yet a offical olympic event.

Why did Gymnastics get introduced to the Olympic Games?

Gymnastics is a fun sport

What is the most popular summer olympic sport?

gymnastics gymnastics

What is the gymnastics event with the ribbons?

Rythmic Gymnastics

What is the first event too be shown at the Olympics this year?

Political gymnastics

A summer olympic event?

There are several events that are played in the summer Olympics. A few of the events are fencing, cricket, archery, and gymnastics.