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There are many different cheer camps so there ar many different dates.

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Q: When and where is the cheerleading camp held?
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How many girls go cheerleading camp?

Usually teams go to cheerleading camp together to learn their routines, or improve their skills.

Do they have any cheerleading camp?

Depending on where you live. You will most likely find a good camp at a cheer gym.

Where can you learn cheerleading moves?

well you can learn cheers at a camp or at home on the Internet

What sporting event is held in Bentley Brooke Inn Ashbourne?


Does CSU have a cheerleading summer camps?

There is a cheer camp at CSU during the summer. It is run by UCA.

What is a spirit kick in cheerleading?

It is a stick that is awarded to the most cheerful leaders at cheer leading camp

When will camp orange 2012 be held?

Camp Orange 2012 was held in May at a secret location in Sydney.

What date will the 2013 cheerleading worlds be held on?

April 27-28. I'll be there!! :)

What are the cheer leading out fits?

the cheerleading outfits are what the cheerleaders wear most of the time can be a uniform or their camp wear for practice

Where is hoof camp held?

it is held at the community centre in hatch warren

What concentration camp was blima weisstuch held?

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

Where will camp orange be held in 2009?

It will be held in June in Australia and in April in America