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The host city of the 2016 Olympic Games will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . This will mark the first time a South American city hosts the event.

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Q: When and where have countries in south America ever hosted a olympic game?
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Has south America ever hosted the olympic games?

No, but it will in 2016.

What continents never hosted the Olympic games?

To date South America and Africa and of course Antarctica have never hosted.

Which Three continents have never hosted any Olympic games?

africa, south america antarctica

Which three continents have never hosted the olympics?

Africa, South America and Antarctica have yet to host an Olympic Games (up to 2012). The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in South America.

What continents have hosted the olympic games?

well asia, australia, europe, north america, have hosted the olympic games while antarctica and africa hasn't. south america will be hosting in 2016 in rio de janrio

Has Libya hosted the Olympic games?

No, the Olympic Games have never been hosted in Africa. The 2016 games in Rio de Janario will be the first time they will have been held in South America.

Why hasn't South America hosted the Summer Olympic games?

South America may not have all the proper facilities for hosting. Plus many of their countries may not have enough money to rent facilities. I dont think there are enough BIG modernized cities to hoast.

What country hosted the Olympic Games in 1988?

The country that hosted the olympics in 1988 was seoul,south korea

Which city hosted the Olympic games in 1988?

Seoul, South Korea.

How many times has Rio de janiero hosted the olympic games?

It never has. Summer of 2016 will be the first Olympics for all of South America.

Which continent has hosted two summer olympic games?

Australasia/Oceania have hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice. These Games were in 1956 in Melbourne, and 2000 in Sydney. Europe, Asia and North America have hosted the Summer Games on more than two occasions each. South America is due to host its first Summer Games in 2016, whilst Africa (and Antarctica) have never hosted one.

Which countries have hosted the Olympics in south America?

The first time a South American city will host the olympics is 2016 in Rio de Janerio Brazil.

What City Hosted The 1998 Summer Olympic Games?

Seoul, South Korea.

What was the country that hosted the Olympic Games in 1988?

Seoul, South KoreaCalgary, Canada

Has South America hosted the Summer Olympic games?

It never has before, but Brazil's capitol Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the summer games in 2016.

Has Kenya ever hosted the Olympic games?

No African or South American nation has ever hosting the Olympic Games.

What are the names of the countries that are represented in the Olympic games?

its actually the continents they represent. Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

Countries in Asia have hosted the World Cup?

Only two countries have jointly hosted the world cup. They are Japan and South korea.

Where have Olympics never been held?

Most places have never hosted the Olympic Games, but perhaps the most important are the whole of Africa and the whole of South America.

How countries are on continent South America?

13 countries are in south America

Have Argentina hosted the Olympic games?

No. The Olympic Games have never been held in South America. Rio de Janeiro is one of the four finalist cities to host the Games in 2016. Should they be selected they would become the first South American city to host an Olympic Games.

Did North Korea host an Olympic Games?

No. Seoul, South Korea hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics but North Korea did not host any of the events that year and has never hosted an Olympic Games.

What South American countries start with abc?

Argentina is a country in South America. Bolivia and Brazil are countries in South America. Chile and Columbia are countries in South America.

How many countries in the south hemisphere have hosted the winter Olympics?


How many countries are there in central America and south America?

There are 17 countries in North and Central and South America.