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Irene has being playing Netball for 7 years.

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Q: When and where did Irene van dyke start playing netball?
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When did Irene van dyke start playing netball?

9 years old.

What netball team does Irene van Dyke play for?

irene van dyk plays for magic netball team as well as the silver ferns

Is netball the only sport Irene van dyke enjoy?

no irene like rugby and a few other sports

What does Irene van dyke do in spear time?

by practicing netball skills and hanging out with her mates.

Which New Zealand netball player comes from south Africa?

Irene Van Dyke.

What NZ team is Irene Van Dyke in?

The Silver Ferns - national netball team

What encouraged Irene Van Dyke to play netball?

Her sister, she had a sister who played and encouraged Irene to play when she was young (younger).

What did Irene van dyke do before she came to NZ?

irene play netball for south Africa and was a teacher over in south Africa before she came to new zealand

Does irene van dyke still play netball?

Yes, she still does play, in both the silver ferns and the Waikato/Bay of plenty magic =] It'll be a dark day in netball when she retires.

What are Irene van Dyke's netball goals?

Irene Van Dyke has many goals in netball. One of her current goals was to train hard but also to balance her life with her husband Christie and her daughter Bianca. Irene has made a goal to try very hard in her New Zealand, Bay of Plenty, Magic team, this year. Feel free to add to this answer as their may be different more current new goals she has set.

How old is Irene Van-Dyke?

Irene Van Dyke was born June 21, 1972; She is now 39.

When was Irene Van Dyke born?

Netballer Irene Van Dyke was born June 21, 1972 in South Africa.

Does Irene van dyke hae a husband?

yes irene does have a husband

Was Irene van Dyke a teacher?

yes irene van dyk is a teacher and she still is

Irene Van Dyke will stay famous?

yes i think irene will stay famous

Where does Irene Van Dyke live?

Wellington i think

What does Irene van dyke do as a job?

She is a Teacher

Irene van dyke husbands name?


How old was Irene van Dyke when she joined the Silver Ferns?

Irene Van Dyk was 86

When did Irene Van Dyke get married?

10th December 1994

When did Irene Van Dyke move to new zealand?


What is the height of Irene Van Dyke?

about 1 m 90cm

What city was Irene Van Dyke born in in South Africa?


How many siblings does Irene van dyke have?

maybe 9 or 8

Does Irene van dyke like nz?

Yes, she loves NZ.