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The old Viking longboats were steered with a board (oar) that was mounted on the right side of the ship and 'steering board side' evolved into 'Starboard'. When approaching port, the steering board had to be on the side away from the landing, so it was approached on the left or "Port" side

The port side was often called 'larboard side' which evolved from loading board.

Starboard is the right hand side when stood aft and looking forward

Port is the left hand side when stood aft and looking forward

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Q: When and how did the left and right sides of a ship come to be called port and starboard?
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When and how did the left side of the ship come to be called starboard?

When someone doesn't know what they are talking about. The left side is "port". Starboard is the right side, where the "steer-board" (i.e. rudder) was located on early Medieval ships. And it is only the right side when you are facing the bow of the ship.

What country of origin does the word starboard come from?

it comes from the vikings age. It is the rubber on the right side of the boat they used to row

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Hard to starboard means that the ship's rudder is turned hard to the right moving ship to the right. Leaving it hard to starboard will results in the ship going in circles. Typically the order is followed by a course to steady on. "Helmsman, rudder hard to starboard, come to course 320!" "Rudder hard to starboard, coming to course 320, aye, sir!" "Quartermaster, aye, sir!" "Sir, steady on course 320, checking course 324, sir!" "Very well! Steady as she goes!"

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Port and starboard are nautical terms for left and right, respectively. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It may also be a place where boats/ships can come in to load and unload cargo/passengers, the equivalent of an airport (for planes). eg The Port of London.

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