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Ball is still in play

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2009-06-05 18:43:08
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Q: When an outfielder attempts to throw out a runner off a basehit and his throw hits the base umpire is the ball dead?
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Where does the field umpire stand if a runner is on first?

The field umpire will stand between the first base runner and the wall.

If a batted ball hits a base runner is the batter safe or out?

When a batted ball hits a runner, A) the runner is out for interference, unless B) the ball first touches a defensive player or an umpire, then the runner is not out and the ball is live, unless C) the umpire judges the runner deliberately made contact with the ball, whereupon the umpire may call the runner out for interference and may also call the batter out for the runner's interference.

What does the umpire mean in baseball when his arms go out to the side after you touch the base?

when the umpire does the motion of extending both of his arms out to each side after a batter or a runner touches the base then that is the Umpire's signal to tell the teams that the runner is safe.

If a thrown ball hits a runner is he or she out?

No...unless it is determined by the umpire that the runner purposely interferred with the throw, the runner my be called out for interferrence.

What is the ruling if an umpire gets hit with a line drive with a runner on third base?

If the umpire is in fair territory, it is a fair ball and all the runner(s) can get, as the Umpire is considered part of the playing field. If he is in foul territory, then it is a foul ball.

What baseball hall of famer name is Al?

Al Kaline (outfielder), Al Simmons (outfielder), Al Spalding (pitcher, owner), Al Lopez (manager), Al Barlick (umpire).

If a runner doesn't touch home why would the umpire call him safe?

If the runner doesn't touch home, the umpire should not call him safe. He should not make any ruling at that point.

If you use a pinch runner do you have to tell the other coach of the change or just the umpire?

You only have to tell the umpire or official scorekeeper.

Is it legal in little league baseball to run into the catcher at home plate?

There are two situations. (1) If the catcher (or any defensive player) has possession of the ball the runner (Rule 7.08(a)(2) the runner is out if "the runner does not slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag." In addition, if the umpire judges that the runner was malicious and trying to injure the fielder (including the catcher) the umpire may eject the player. However, if the catcher does NOT have possession of the ball and therefore is not waiting to make the tag, the catcher is guilty of obstruction (Rule 2.00, definition of obstruction). If the umpire makes this judgement, the runner would be awarded the base to the runner. This does not give the runner free license to slam into the catcher. Again, if the umpire judges the runner was malicious, the runner would be awarded the base (including scoring the run) and then the umpire may eject the player. In addition, if the umpire judges that the catcher was malicious and was malicious in their action (causing injury to the runner), the catcher may be ejected. So the bottom line is that the runner and catcher are expected to avoid malicious contact.

What is an example sentence for umpire?

I have volunteered to umpire tomorrow's Little League game.

Where is the Senior LL rule that permits a baseball home plate umpire to call out a runner who was touched high fived by a teammate before the runner touched home plate?

No runner is allowed to be touched while running the bases. Only a bad umpire would enforce this rule on a high five. There is no rule that prohibits touching a runner, but there is a rule prohibiting physically assisting a runner.

Can a baseball outfielder call time if he runs the ball into the infield?

MLB Rule 6.02 makes it clear that the calling of "Time" is entirely at the discretion of the umpire. Any player can REQUEST that time be called, but only an umpire can GRANT the request.

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