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Q: When an employee participates in an official capacity he or she may?
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Can a town clerk open your mail when you have told her not to?

No - your mail is private. No one can open your mail without a search warrant. There are certain exemptions for national security and postal regulations. However, if the mail is addressed to you in your official capacity as a city employee, at the town council's address, that may be a different matter.

Is the Eureka Stockade flag still used today?

The Eureka flag is not used in any official capacity today. Occasionally, people may still fly the flag as a personal symbol of rebellion, but it has no official symbolism.

Does Gary work at the Krusty Krab?

Mr.Krabs, Spongebob & Squidward works in the KRUSTY KRAB.

What are the areas of strength of an employee?

The areas of strength will depend on the employee. Areas that an employee excels in is a strength. Some employees may have great social skills and others may have a great work ethic.

How do you solve conflict between employee vs employee?

By arbitration, which may take some time.

Can you wear candidate buttons while working voter registration?

You most likely cannot if you are registering voters as an employee of the local Board of Elections. Different states have different laws governing the election process. In general though, most state require that Boards of Election employees working in their official capacity must remain non-political while acting in that capacity. Some states allow political parties to register voters in the sense that they may hand out the forms to be filled out and filed in order to register. In this type of voter registration activity, where the application is not accepted by a non-Board of Election employee, a person may wear a candidates's button; but that is allowed because that type of registration is not true registration. That is merely handing out forms.

What do you do if a salary employee takes a lot of time off?

It is best to refer to the employee handbook or company rules and regulations if a salary employee takes a lot of time off. There may be something written in the handbook on actions that may be taken.

Can I add a Xbox employee on Xbox Live?

Yes,he may be an employee but he still plays the game and still can have friends.

What is the employers role when an employee is accused of identity theft?

If the employee did not commit the crime at work, the employer may do nothing or may dismiss the employee, as it wishes. If the crime happened at work or the employee gave a false ID to get hired (as millions of illegal aliens do) the employer cooperaqtes with law enforcement to investigate the crime.

How can one improve employee productivity?

In order to improve employee productivity one should give positive or constructive feedback upon the work of each of the employees. In addition, it may be of great interest of allowing employees to come with their own suggestions for how to improve the production capacity and the workplace environment. If the employees are more free to move and feel that they can affect their workplace, they will have a greater motivation.

How do I prove employee dishonesty?

The best way to prove employee dishonesty is by keeping a record of evidence that may prove your view. Without evidence or a witness, it may be difficult to prove it.

What are the circumstances where an employee may not be compensated as a result of injury in the workplace?

In some jurisdictions, an employee injured in the workplace because of intentional misconduct may not be compensated by the Worker's Compensation system.