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It depends, the other runners can all score once the batter touches first base. if they all touch home than 3 runs are scored regardless of what the batter does next. So as long as the winning run crosses the plate the game is over. If the batter stops at first he is credited with a single, and in this case 3 RBIs

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Q: When a walk off home run is hit does the hitter still have to touch all bases?
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In the game of baseball if you hit a home run is it possible to not score?

Yes. Even when hitting a home run, the hitter must touch all three bases and home plate for the home run to count. Should the batter miss one of the bases when rounding them and the other team notices, the other team can appeal and have the hitter called out at the base the hitter failed to touch.

What happens if a hitter hits a home run but steps on home plate?

That is what you are supposed to do- step on home plate to get the credit for the home run. You have to touch all of the bases aftet you hit the home run.

With bases loaded and 2 outs batter hits a single the runner on 3rd fails to touch home on the way in from 3rd on appeal runner is called out is the hitter still credited with a single?

If he got to first before the out occured it is a single.

How is an out recorded if you hit a home run and miss home plate?

On a Home Run, the runner is still required to touch all bases, even if he is entitled a run. If he misses any base, including Home Plate, and makes no attempt to return to the base to touch it, he will be declared Out and his run does not score. If other runners are also running and touch all of the bases, their runs will score. If there are two outs with runners on, only the runners who crossed the plate before his run would score.

What happens if a player hits a home run but is unable to continue running bases?

The player must touch every single in order for the home-run to count. If they can't continue around the bases they will not be awarded the home-run. There have been times when this happened in softball and the girls picked the girl up and carried her around the bases so that she could still be awarded her home run.

What is the fourth hitter in baseball?

The fourth hitter is called the clean up hitter, because of the ideal situation of the first three hitters reaching base and the fourth hitter clearing the bases with a grand slam. The clean up hitter is often the team's best home run hitter.

In baseball what is a grand slam?

In baseball terminology, a grand slam is a home run hit when the bases are "loaded". Meaning that the home run is hit with runners on 1st, 2nd & 3rd base. The result is that 4 runs are scored. A home run normally occurs when a baseball is hit into the grandstands in fair territory. An "inside the park" home run occurs when the hitter can run all the way from home plate then around the bases and ends up back on home plate. It is not a home run if an error allows the hitter to run all the bases.

Bases loaded the batter walks the runner on third does not touch home can he be called out?

Yes. He can be called out because he will be outside of the line and he can be called out.

If there is a walk off home run with a player on third does the player that hit the home run get credit for the home run since the player walk off the field?

yes i was at a game ware this happendHowever, the player on third who did not go home and touch home plate is out and his run does not count, the batter still must touch all bases and home plate to get credit for the home run.clarification:If this took place with 2 outs, it would not be a walkoff home run as once the runner at 3rd left the field he could be called out for being out of the base path, if the umpire decided not to make this call then he would be out the moment the batter rounded third and "passed him on the bases" -- this would result in a triple for the batter and the inning would end, still tied

What bases are to touch?

In baseball, second, third and home bade can be touched or slid into. First base can only be stepped on/while ran past.

Can a batter that hits a home run be called out if his team mates touch him before he touches homplate?

No, but he still must touch home plate. The runners and batter are not "automatically in"when an "out-of-the-park"home run is hit. The runs aren't scored until each crosses home.

Do you have to run the bases when you hit a home run in baseball?

Yes, you must run and touch each base in succession (first base, second base, third base, home plate) for the home run to count.

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