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was this on ur test

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Q: When a tennis ball is pushed under water the waters pushes the ball back to the surface?
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How do differences indensity cause currents to flow both in the surface waters of the ocean and in the bottom waters of the ocean?

As water is on top of the ocean, wind pushes it along, creating a current. As it warms, it interacts with lower colder waters, pulling them along with it. As water cools, it rises and this interaction creates ocean currents.

What are the surface waters of the earth called?

The hydrosphere

Does erosion cause sediment for surface waters?


Are wind-driven currents near the surface or in the deep waters?


Why do fins move?

The waters turbine pushes the fin(s) to go back and forth.Making the creature move. J.A.B.

Where is the energy from ocean waves the strongest?

At the waters surface

Are wind-driven currents found near the surface of the ocean or in the deep waters of oceans?


This term refers to the surface and subsurface waters of Earth?


In regions of heavy precipitation is the salinity of surface waters is reduced?

its true

Is it true that the mid-ocean ridges are always near the waters surface?


What causes Waters to move up to the ocean surface?

ocean fronts

What limits primary productivity in tropical oceans?

Nutrients are in deeper (colder) waters while light is in surface waters.