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The club plus I think around 15% goes to the players agent

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Q: When a soccer player is sold and goes to another club does the soccer player get the money or the club?
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Where do soccer player work?

At their 'soccer' club.

Can you play varsity soccer if you have played club soccer?

yea, but you can't play on another club if you are already registered on a club

How tall do you have to be soccer player for professonal club?

There are no height restrictions for soccer.

How do you sell a talented soccer player to a professional soccer club?

You contact the club, and then they try out the player, and if hes good enough, he'll buy him.

Do you have to for soccer club to a soccer player?

Yes you have to play for a soccer club or team to go into big games that are known like at a stadium. But you certainly don't have to be in a club to play a game of soccer with your friends!

How can you become a professional soccer player in Australia?

I can go by experience, in one case anyway. This particular individual played soccer from a very young age at a local soccer club. She stood out from about the age of 8 and constantly practiced. The team moved up to a rep level, competing against local area soccer teams (travel teams, you might say). Again, due to the love of soccer, training and commitment all the way, she stood out and was asked to play for a Provincial team, where they travelled across Canada. She again stood out among the rest, scoring the winning goal to capture the Junior Canadian championship. Playing at Showcase tournaments and US tournaments, scouts had they're eye on her and she was asked to play for Team Canada, the youngest player on the team right now. Committed parents certainly help as well, as they were always involved and urged her on, financially and emotionally. This is a long hard process and even then, you have to be more than exceptional to actually make it If the child shows that he has the game vision and is talented with ball control, He should practice skills, ball mastery, feints etc..everyday for at least one hour, join the best team in thecity, play up, play only soccer winter and summer, move to academy in Europe (ideally France or Holland) at 14 and be very lucky. The alternative is to stick to north America and hope for a US college scholarship while playing in the PDL...that's where the scouts look. Still involves alot of luck.

What is it called when a soccer player changes club?

a transfer

How much money does a pro soccer player make?

It depends on the player and the club if Messi had moved to man. city he would of been on 500,000 a week which would of been a record.