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Q: When a rugby player holds their position in a scrum which type of muscular contraction is being used?
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What are different types of contraction in sport?

The different types of contraction in sport is; Concentric Eccentric you also have to include; joint action e.g. Extension / flexion the agonist / agonistic muscle pairs e.g. hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, triceps ect. & the joint itself e.g. knee, elbow, shoulder,

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Being muscular has the message that you are healthy and strong.

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What is a contraction to describe a state of being?

It's or they're.

What s muscular endurance?

Muscular endurance is when you are consistently contractring a muscle in your body and being able to continue through performing

Which diseases can be prevented by being physically fit?

Muscular distrophy

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In physiology what is a person with a muscular body called?

A person with a muscular body is often referred to as "muscular" or "athletic." They may also be described as having a well-developed musculature or being "mesomorphs," which is a body type characterized by a naturally muscular build.

Is a player penalized for being offsides if they are blocking the view of the goalie?

Interfering with the vision of the goal keeper while in an offside position makes a player guilty of an offside offense.

What is the difference between muscular strength and muscular power?

muscular strength is the capacity or the limit of your muscle. muscular power is how much can your muscle exert.

What is Thompson's disease?

A hereditary disease of the muscles characterized by prolonged contraction of the muscles whenever voluntary motion is attempted, contraction and relaxation being slow and the muscles stiff.

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