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When a player steps on the out of bounds line, the ball is out of bounds and the opposing team will get possession. It doesn't matter if a defender commits a foul afterwards, the ball was out of bounds first, so this is the call.

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When you step on the line, you are out of bounds. You cannot step on the boundary line at all and still be in bounds.

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Q: When a player steps on the out of bounds line and is then bumped out by a defender what is the call?
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Is on the line in football out?

Yes if a player steps on the out-of-bounds line than the player is out-of-bounds.

Can a player run out of bounds and come back in to make a play?

During the course of play, as long as you reestablish legal position on the court prior to receiving the ball play continues without penalty. An inbounds play may be a different case. I believe you cannot be the first one to touch the inbounded ball if you go out of bounds to shake a defender.

Can a football player that steps out of bounds still field the ball?

no, in fact they have a penalty for that

In NFL if player is in bounds but the ball is out of bounds is it still a 1st down?

If the player fails to cross the ball where ever the marker is before he physically steps out of bounds then it is not a first down. Although I'm not certain, I think the ball has to cross the marker in bounds as well.

If a player in basketball saves the ball from going out of bounds but he himself goes out and then comes back and picks up the ball is this ok?

Yes...they must have 2 feet in bounds first

Can a defensive player go out of bounds then return to the field to tackle an offensive player?

Yes he can. If you want proof you can see it in a Super Bowl XLIII re-run where #92 of the Steelers ran that interception back for a touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald was out of bounds just before he tackled #92 in the end zone. Only if the player was forced out of bounds by the opposing team can he come back in to make a tackle which was not the case in SB XLIII and Fitzgerald. He may have been forced out by an Arizona player but he was no forced out by a Pittsburgh player. He was not flagged because they simply did not see it.

If a kick off returner fumbles the ball in the end zone still in play then steps out of bounds can he come back into the endzone and down the ball?

If a player who was out of bounds steps back in and downs the ball, it would be a touchback, and the ball would be spotted on the 20-yard-line. However, that player would get penalized for illegal participation, bringing the ball back some.

If a football player falls BACKWARD out of bounds does the clock stop?

Only if he has the ball.AnswerYes. The clock always stops when the ball goes out of bounds. It doesn't matter how it got there. Wrong - Although I don't feel it is a good rule, in college football if a player steps out of bounds going backwards and does not display a foward advance while carrying the ball the clock keeps running.

Is a ball carrier down if his knee lands on tackler?

No, only if the player holding it steps out of bounds.

What is a summary of out of bounds?

"Out of Bounds" typically refers to when a player steps outside the boundaries of the playing area in sports, resulting in a violation of the rules. This can lead to a turnover or loss of possession, depending on the sport. It is important for players to stay within the designated boundaries to maintain fair play.

Can a player touch the ball and step out of bounds and come back in a gain possession of the ball?

Yes, if the player establishes himself in bounds by placing both feet inside the court. If one foot has not been re-established, then it is a violation of being out of bounds while collecting the ball, resulting in a turnover.

When is the soccer ball considered out of bounds?

If a player leaves the field during the normal course of play, they may continue to play the ball. Even as their body is off the field. Leaving the field as a form of deception, dissent, or as an offside trap tactic is a cautionable offense.