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The ball is given to the opposing team, the penalty is taken from the sense of the infringement

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Q: When a player is penalised for offside in netball what is the penalty and where should it be taken?
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What is the penalty for going offside in netball?

when a player goes offside the opposing team is given a free pass

Are you able to take the penalty pass on either side of the penalised player in a game of netball?

Yes, usually un-less the umpire is picky, you can take the penaly pass on either side of the penalised player,

What happen if a player is offside in netball?

if a player is offside in netball usually the ball goes to the other team and they get a free pass from where the player was off side. i think! Hope that helps.

Should the attacking player be penalised for an offside offense?

Yes, but only with an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

What is it called when a player goes in an area they aren't allowed in in netball?

It depends if you are playing proper netball or nettaball (younger players netball). In netball it is offside.

What is the penalty for offside?

An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the location where the player was guilty of the offside infraction.

What does it mean when your off sides in rugby?

The off side rules are varied due to the set pieces and range of offenses however in general: A player who is in an offside position is liable to be penalised only if the player does one of three things: Interferes with play or, moves forward, towards the ball or Fails to comply with the 10-Metre Law ( Which is Law 11.4). A player who is in an offside position will not automatically be penalised. A player who receives an unintentional throw forward is not considerred offside. A player can be deemed offside in the in-goal. Related links below cover greater detail

When is a player considered to be offside in netball?

When they are offside they are in an area which there position is not allowed. for example GS is not allowed in the centre third. and C is not allowed in the shorting circle...

When would you get a free pass in netball?

You could get a free pass in netball if someone steps, replays the ball, goes offside, the ball is thrown over a third etc. A penalty pass is given if a player contacts or obstructs an opposing player down the court. However if this happens in your goal circle you will be awarded a penalty pass or shot where you can choose to either pass the ball or take a shot

What is a penalty pass in netball?

I play netball myself and I've had Had a a few penalty passes. They are a pass that is given to a player who has been contacted or obstructed by the opposing team.

Is there offside in rugby?

yes - The are a number of ways which a player can find themselves penalised for this offence. See related links below for the full versions as the situations vary considerately

What does a lineman do in English football?

He checks whoes throw in it is, if a player is offside, if it is a free kick and if it's a penalty.

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