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Q: When a player gets injured why ethyl chloride is spread on the injured portion?
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Which religion orginated in and spread through out India but reached only a limited portion of the rest of Asia?

Hinduism is a religion that originated in and spread through out India but spread to only a limited portion of the rest of Asia.

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Why calcium chloride spread on roads during winter season?

When calcium chloride is added to water, it lowers the freezing point. When spread on ice, it has the effect of melting the ice, and turning it to water. Calcium chloride is slightly less corrosive to metals that its "cousin", sodium chloride (salt), and so causes less rusting of cars, bridges, and guard rails.

What do you think would happen if you spread regular table salt (sodium chloride) on an icy sidewalk?

it will melt

Can keloid spread to your adjacent tissues?

No. The keloid is an alteration of the healing process, so it only can appear in injured skin.

Why is CaCl2 used as salt to spread on streets in winter?

Calcium chloride is more efficient than sodium chloride because has a greater heat of dissolution and consecutively the temperature is greater and the melting of ice easier. Also calcium chloride is not so dangerous for the vegetation as sodium chloride. But calcium chloride is more expensive than sodium chloride. Also be sure that all the chlorides are corrosive for metals (the cars included).

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The principal source of sodium chloride in the atmosphere are saline waters: the aerosols from the water surface are spread in the atmosphere.

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Calcium chloride when mixed with ammonium and applied to the soil will increase the absorption of nitrogen by the plant increasing yield from 14 to 15%. This can be applied with a spread as part of the fertilization process.

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Which religion originated in and spread throughout India but reached only a limited portion of the rest of Asia?

Hinduism is that religion.

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