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no. they can pick off to any runner or step off the rubber with their BACK foot. if there is a runner on third, he can step with FRONT foot to pick off to third if he does not step to home past the invisible line cutting from third to home at 45º. if he does it's a balk. he can turn and throw to second if there is a man there. in essence, no.

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While delivering a pitch, a pitcher's rear foot must be on the "pitching rubber", the small, base-like rectangular plate on the top of the mound, when the ball is released. If throwing to a base or doing anything else, location of the pitcher is irrelevant.

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Q: When a pitcher touches the mound do they have to pitch that battter?
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What place does he stand on pitch?

The pitcher's mound.

What is the distance from the pitcher's mound to home in fast-pitch?

45 ft

Can a pitcher in little league fast pitch softball go back to the mound after she was pulled off the mound?

yes, so long she has not yet started her pitch or presented the ball.

How far is pitcher mound from plate in womens softball?

43 feet in fast pitch

How long does it take for a baseball to get to the mound in high school baseball?

It depends on who the pitcher is and what pitch it is.

The pitcher's mound in baseball is 85m from the plate. It takes seconds for a pitch to reach the plate. How fast is the pitch.?

It would take the ball .26 sec. to get from the pitcher to the batter.

Does the pitching mound effect the pitch?

Yes. As long as a mound doesn't bother the pitcher, it will add a little speed on the ball and make it go lower in the zone. It's generally and advanatage to the pitcher.

Can a pitcher that has to leave the mound from the two visit rule play shortstop and come back in to pitch the next inning?

The pitcher can re-enter the game as a pitcher later in the game if he is taken out with no trips to the mound or after one trip. If he is taken out after the second trip to the mound he can re-enter the game in any position except for pitcher..

How far is it from the pitcher's mound to home plate in women's slow pitch softball?

50 feet.

Where can a pitcher stand in slow pitch?

the pitcher must keep her main foot on the rubber at all times, in minor league the mound is 35ft from home plate, in major league the mound is 40ft from homeplate

How far is it from the pitcher's mound to home plate in ASA slow pitch adult softball?

45 feet

What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.