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Q: When a pitcher throws 27 consecutive outs without allowing a hit or walk he's achieved this?
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What MLB team holds record for consecutive innings without a hit?

Any team that had an opposing pitcher throw a perfect game or no hitter

What is an illegal act by a pitcher with runners on base allowing them to advance?

A balk is defined as "Any motion made by the pitcher to deliver the ball to the bat without delivering it." The penalty for a pitcher balking is for any baserunners to advance one base.

Who has longest streak in nfl without allowing a 100 yrd rusher?

As of Oct 7, 2012, the Miami Dolphins have not allowed a 100 yd rusher in 19 consecutive games.

How can you find the GCF of 2 consecutive numbers without knowing the factors?

The GCF of consecutive integers is 1.

What are consecutive terms?

Two terms are consecutive when one follows the other without any other terms in between.

What doe consecutive mean?

Consecutive means in a row or one after another.

What does consecutive?

Following one after another without interruption; successive

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In a MLB baseball game if a pitcher pitches 9.0 innings and it the score is 0-0 going into extra innings does he get a complete game and shutout?

No, only if he completes the game does he get credit for a complete game. He also gets credit for a shutout only if he completes the game without allowing a run, if other pitchers complete the game without allowing any runs, it is a shared shutout which is not an official statistic.

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Technically, no, they're not. Consecutive usually means following in succession without any sort of interruptions, and to be consecutive it should be 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, etc.

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