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it goes where the pawn was after they call for he piece

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Q: When a pawn reaches the end of the board where does the piece that you want go?
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Can you place you pawn anywhere when it reaches the back?

Yes you can place it anywhere you desire when the pawn reaches the end and you want to replace it.

When a pawn gets to the end of the chess board does it turn into a queen?

No. The player has the choice to pick whatever piece they want. As the queen is the most powerful piece, they usually pick that, but they don't have to. So a pawn doesn't automatically change into a queen on reaching the end of the board.

How do you know which pawn has been promoted?

Whenever a pawn reaches the 8th rank (the end of the board opposite that on which you started) you can promote that pawn. This means that you trade out that pawn for any piece you want. Note that it doesn't have to be a piece you've already lost during the could have two queens out at the same time if you want. While in most cases it is best to "queen" your pawn, it is sometimes beneficial to "underpromote", or promote your pawn to a piece weaker than a queen. This is often done to a knight, since it's the one piece who can move in ways the queen can't. It also is sometimes worth promoting to a rook, in cases where promoting to a queen would put the opposing king in stalemate.

When you get a pawn to the end of the board can you make it any piece you want?

Yes, any piece you choose except another king.However, it is silly to take anything but a queen, unless the situation requires a knight to ensure checkmate.

Can pawns be exchanged for other pieces in chess?

Yes. If you make it to the other side of the board (last square) with a pawn, you can then trade it for a queen or any other piece that is captured. You can have as many queens as you want just flip a castle upside down or put a pawn on top of some other piece.

Where does the promoting piece begin?

Since the only piece that may be promoted is a pawn, a "promoting piece" begins on the second rank for White and on the seventh rank for Black. The numbering of the two ranks is done in accordance with standard algebraic chess notation. I think the person asking the question means that he/she want to know where the promoted piece is placed to begin its moving. If this is what the questioner meant by their question then the answer is this:As the original answer person stated, only a pawn can be promoted. For a White pawn to be promoted the White pawn must advance onto the last rank on the Black side which is numbered as rank #8. For a Black pawn to be promoted the Black pawn must advance onto the last rank on the White side which is numbered as rank #1.For which ever color pawn to get promoted, at the point where the pawn reaches the last rank of its opponent, the pawn to be promoted may promote to either a Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight. The promoted piece is then placed on the same exact RANK AND FILE that the pawn reached on his opponents last rank to begin its move.

Where do you put a chess piece when you get it back?

You don't get chess pieces back. Once they are captured, they are gone for the game. However, if you promote a pawn by advancing it to the eighth row, it can become any piece you want, and that new piece occupies the same spot in the eighth row that the pawn did.

What is the poisoned pawn in chess?

A poisoned pawn is one which is left out in the open as a target for an opponent's piece in order to lure that opponent into capturing what looks like an easy capture. But it is a trap that has many many uses. Say an opponent has a piece that is guarding a square you want to go to in order to checkmate the king. The pawn is moved to a square where it can be taken by that protecting piece. If the opponent goes for that pawn it moves to a spot where it no longer guards the spot you want. You then move to the now unprotected square and checkmate the king. So the opponent gobbled up an insignificant pawn only to be poisoned by the lack of protection. Actually, any piece can be used as a poisoned piece if used properly in the right game situation.

You want to replace a scrabble game piece how can you do that?

You can buy a similar scrabble game board and replace the missing piece.

What are the new rules in chess?

After the 2004 NCMA (National Chess Masters Association) meeting in Austin, TX, the board decided to change the rule of getting your king to the other side of the chess board. Before, the only piece of significance when reaching the opposite side of the board was the pawn, in which you could trade it for any piece you want. Now, however, the challenge of maneuvering your king to the opposite side of the board (assuming you avoid any checkmates along the way) will name you the winner.

What happens to a pawn in a chess game?

Pons are usually used to set up formations and get promotions,( where you get the pon to the other side of the board and exchange it for any other piece you want except for king) and to do dirty work like sacraficing them to save the day.

What happens if you get your pawn to the other side?

you can choose to turn it into any piece (usually you would turn it into a queen, but under certain circumstances, you might want a knight) If you get your pawn to the other side then you get to return one of the peaces you lost It becomes a queen. It becomes a queen.

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