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Stalemate ~ see related link below .

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Q: When a pawn in game of chess is blocked and king is in a position where it can not move then what is the result?
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What is zugswang in the game of chess?

Zugswang is a position where neither player wants to have the move.

Is chess infinate?

A game of chess can be very long, but not infinite. There are a finite number of arrangements of 16 or fewer pieces of each colour in 64 squares (not all of them legal chess positions), and one of the rules of chess states that when a position is exactly the same the third time, the game finishes in a draw.

What is an attraction in chess?

An attraction in Chess can refer to someone becoming tempted by a certain position on the board. Because Chess is an extremely psychological game, this can influence the player to make unusual moves or even mistakes.

What is a legal check mate in chess?

A legal check mate in chess is anytime the king piece is in a position that cannot avoid capture by the opponent's pieces. A legal checkmate signifies the end of the chess game.

Is there only one checkmate in each game of chess?

Yes. Checkmate is a player's position on the board that places the opponent in such a position that no escape or defense is possible, thus ending the game.

How do you beat a game of chess?

A game of chess is won when a player cannot make a move to prevent their king being captured in the next turn. In this way the position is called "checkmate". Another way to win a game of chess is through resignation, or, if the game is timed, then a player may win if his opponent's clock reaches zero.

When was The Game of Chess created?

The Game of Chess was created in 1987.

Can you play a chess game?

Yes, you can play a chess game.

How do you win at chess?

To win a game of chess, you must CheckMate your opponent's King. This means you must get to a position in which you are attacking his King (putting him in check) and the King can not escape. --CM

What is 10 minutes chess called?

A ten minute chess game is a blitz game of chess.

Where can one find information about chess game rules?

Chess game rules can be found on Wikipedia, Chess Rules and Basics, Chess Variants, Chess For Kids, Rules for Chess, How To Play and Chess Guidelines.

Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

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