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market economy

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Q: When a number of industries locate close to each other and share the benefits of their closeness it is referred to as?
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Market oriented industries?

The tendency of an industry to locate close to its market . Industries locate near the market if the cost of transport of the finished.

What are the benefits of filing systems?

Filing systems have many benefits. These are keeping your documents organized so that you can easily locate them, and letting you know when you can purge old records.

What are the benefits of using GPS car tracking?

The benefits of using GPS car tracking is that you are able to locate your car if it is ever lost or stolen. You can also keep track of where your children have driven your car and their location.

What are footloose industries?

They are companies set up in many different location, not tied to a fixed site or city. It may locate where labor is cheaper, or where the government offers incentives.

What benefits come along with GPS vehicle tracking?

The benefits of having a GPS vehicle tracking system vary widely. Some instances include if a vehicle is stolen or lost, it will be easy to locate where the vehicle has been taken or where it can be found. Also if one gets into a car accident, the local police and emergency teams will be able to locate the vehicle with the GPS tracking system.

Why did industries tend to locate near coal mines?

Coal was needed as the energy source to run the machines. Transportation and labor costs were cut drastically by factories locating near the mines.

What are some business benefits of using tracking systems on vehicles?

Some benefits of using tracking systems are: A tracking system can be used to locate a stolen vehicle. Keeping clients aware of the position of their goods. Better management of fuel and time.

How does water influence the location of industry?

At one time water transportation was overwhelmingly important for receiving raw material and fuel and shipping products to market. Most cities and industries were located on lakes or rivers or near the ocean, Shipping by boat is still important especially for heavy raw materials such as iron ore. Water is needed for many manufacturing processes and industries that need water must locate where they can get it cheaply. Water is also used for some extent for generating electric power and where it is, it often makes electricity more affordable and encourages industries that need electricity to locate there - witness the growth of industry around Niagara Falls.

Is Media that allows random access sometimes referred to as non-identifiable media?

Media that allow random access are sometimes referred to as addressable media. This means that the storage system can locate each piece of stored data or each program at a unique address, which is determined by the computer system.

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Business Investments Services should be able to help you find you reliable and trustworthy answers to your query regarding long term annuity benefits.

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