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You are not allowed to move that piece because it goes against the Chess rules in the book i am reading.

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2010-12-31 21:15:03
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Q: When a king is in check are you onlu allowed to move it or can another piece take it?
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Why are there times when a king can't capture another piece?

The King is not allowed to be in check. If a piece is on a square where if the King were there, the King would in check, the King isn't allowed to capture it.

Can the king kill while in check?

Yes, the king can take another piece to get out of check, but only to get out of check.

Can another piece kill to get the king out of check?

Yes, as long as the move doesn't leave the King in Check from another source.

If you are in check in a game of chess can you get out of check by putting the other player in check?

No , your King must be out of check . You can block a check with another piece - that piece in turn can place your opponent's King in check ,

What to do if your king is put in check?

Your next move must take the king out of check, either by moving him out of threat, by blocking it with another piece, or by taking the attacking piece. A king cannot castle out of check.

Can a king attack the opponents king in chess?

No - If you moved close enough to do so you would be putting your king in check and you are not allowed to move your king into check. Another Answer: You may not make any move with the King (or any other piece for that matter) that will put it in jeopardy, there fore the answer is no.

In chess if the king is in check could you move another piece to save the king?


When playing chess can you attack in check?

Yes. The only way is to move a piece so that it blocks your king from check and checks or attacks another piece of the opponent. Another way is for the king itself to attack the piece that is attacking it. Example is if the queen foolishly moves adjacent to the king without being protected by another piece, the king may capture the queen. It is not limited to simply moving out of check.

What is the objective of chess?

The objective of chess is to checkmate the king, where the king is in check by a piece and it cannot block the check, move to another square, or capture the piece checking the king.

Can a king kill another piece?

Yes, as long as it doesn't put him in check.

If you leave your king open in chess can the other person can jump or steal it?

Steal? No, the king is the only piece you can not have "taken" or "killed" or "stolen" in chess. If the king is in a position where he can be taken then you are in "check" , you have to then move out of danger (out of "check" ). You are not allowed to stay in check. Your next move after someone puts you in check MUST be to move your king out of check or place another piece in the way. The point of the game is for your opponent to put your king in a position where any move the king makes (in all 8 directions ) puts your king into a position of "check", then it is called "Checkmate" and you lose.

Can you knock out the king in chess?

The king can never be 'taken' by an opposing piece. When the King is under threat from another piece, the next move must be to get it out of check, either by moving the King, or breaking check by interposing another piece in between King and aggressor, or by taking the opposing piece. If the check cannot be broken, then it is Checkmate, and the game ends. A common gesture of surrender though, is to knock one's king over to decare you are resigning from the game.

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