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Q: When a football player kicks the ball he only changes its speed?
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What football player named Michael had?

He had great speed.

If a player kicks a soccer ball in a high arch speed would the opponent's leg be in the direction to make a far goal?


What is it takes to come football player?

Practice,patients,skill,height,and speed.

How can you be a Division 1 player if im player varsity wide out football?

Concentrate on speed, elusiveness, and catching ability

Who is the best football player in the world 2008?

Cristiano ronaldo is the best player because his speed,tactics,midfielilding&attack

What changes when speed changes?

The speed.

What kind of athlete would have an unfair advantage in roller derby?

ice/speed skater football player hockey player runner

What changes if someones speed or direction changes?

If someone's speed changes, it means they are moving faster or slower than before. If someone's direction changes, it means they are now moving in a different path or route. Both changes can affect the individual's position, velocity, and acceleration.

What is the top speed of 2008 silverado?

my rev limiter kicks in at 103mph on gps...

Top speed for 2006 Nissan 350Z?

155 mph before the Speed Limiter kicks in. If you disconnect the Speed Limiter, the top speed is approximately 167 mph.

What is the velocity of a football when it is hit?

The velocity of a football when it is hit can vary depending on factors such as the force of the impact and the angle at which it is hit. The initial velocity will be determined by the force exerted on the ball, and it will gradually decrease due to air resistance and other factors once it is in motion.

What has changed when speed changes?

The speed.