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When it's at its maximum height its speed will be zero.

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Q: When a football kicked reaches its maximum height how does its speed compare to its initial speed?
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What is A football kicked off at an angle 20 from the ground reaches a maximum height of 4.7 m What is the initial velocity of the kick?

initial velocity of the kick = 28.06 m/s

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when the object reaches maximum height, the velocity of the object is 0 m/s.It reaches maximum height when the gravity of the body has slowed its velocity to 0 m/s. If there is no gravity and there is no external force acting on it then it will never reach a maximum height as there wont be a negativeaccelerationdemonstrated by newtons first law.Where there is and you have the objects initial velocity then you can use :v^2 = u^ = Velocity when it reaches Max. height so v = 0u = Initial Velocity (m/s)a = Retardation/ Negative Acceleration due to gravity, -9.80m/s ^2And then the unknown (s) is the displacement, or height above ground, and if everything else is in the right format it should be in metres.

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When a pendulum reaches its maximum elongation the velocity is zero and the acceleration is maximum

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