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All, unless it was in someone else's possesion then you sue the possessor.

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Q: When a car is reposed how much financial responsibility does the owner have to pay back?
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How long does a company have to collect on a reposed car?

As long as it takes to either get the car back or to be paid what is owed. The one who defaulted on the car loan is not the owner ... unless one has the clear title to any vehicle, they are not the legal owner ... registered owner, yes, but not the legal one.

If you were the last registered owner of a truck that got repossessed and the police called you because they found it with no history of owners except you could you get the truck back?

The people that reposed it may have a lien on it for an unpaid loan.

When a car get reposed in California can you file chapter 7 to get creditor of your back?


If you reposed a car and still have it on the lot can a person fill bankrupty and get it back?

Not likely.

Where can one find more information about the word reposed?

You can get more information about the word reposed from a dictionary. The word reposed is most commonly used in the form of repossessed. The term means to take back an item that is not fully paid for because the person is not making the payments.

Can an owner back out of a rental if deposit money was given?

Yes. But the real issue is the contract. Was there a contract and the landlord has a responsibility to it.

My car has been reposed in the BX NYC - what must I do to get it back?

Contact the lienholder. Only they can answer that question.

Can I be charged for rental and impound fees if vehicle is not in your possession?

The fees and fines are the responsibility of the registered owner. You can sue the driver if you want to get the money back

What if your car was reposed after filing a chapter 13 dont you get it back?

If the Chapter 13 was filed before the car was sold at auction, you should get it back. Otherwise, it's too late.

Do you have to have car insurance before you go back to get your license after it has been suspended even if you don't own a vehicle?

The Financial Responsibility Laws of most states require that you do. You need to obtain "non-owner's coverage" which provides coverage regardless of the vehicle that you are driving. This may also have to be in the nature of an SR-22 which is a special type of high-risk liability coverage.

How will it affect a co-owner's credit rating if a previous owner who declared bankruptcy is put back on the deed?

Deeds and title's to real property have no bearing on credit scores. It might be wise to consider the possibility of placing the property at risk if the joint owner should incur financial difficulties in the future.

Voluntarily had a car re-poed and am paying the balance can the main buyer be taken to court to pay back the payment?

no, if you were the current owner of the car or the one making payments it is your responsibility to pay the balance