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the proper batter. Let's say batter 2 is supposed to be up but batter 3 bats instead. If the defensive team calls attention to the fact before he finishes his at bat - the batter 2 will bat and resume the count batter 3 had Now suppose batter 3 got a single and the defensive team called it to the umpires attention then batter 2 would be declared out and batter 3 would then bat again as he is thescheduled hitter. If the defensive team did not catch the batting out of order infraction before the first pitch to the next batter -which is batter 4- then batter 4 would be the legal batter

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Q: When a batter bats out of order who is out the impropper batter or the the right batter?
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Is Jennie Finch a right handed or left handed batter?

she bats and throws right handed

What is an illegal batter?

An illegal batter is a batter who bats out of his legal turn.

What is a batter?

A batter is a person who bats, or a mixture of flour, egg, and milk used for baking.

When batters are intentionally walked why do they lay their bats right on the home plate?

Probably so the bat boy can retrieve it quickly to make way for the next batter.

How does an umpire work out who bats first in softball?

An umpire has nothing to do with the batting order. This is up to the coach to insure his players are batting in the correct order. Your coach will give a copy of your line up to the umpire and the other team. If a batter is out of order then it's up to the other team to bring this to the umpires attention before the next batter gets to the plate. If they do identify someone is out of order, in time, then the batter is out. If they fail to bring it to the umpires attention in time then there is no penalty.

What does it mean when a batter is 1-3?

1 hit in 3 at bats. Walks don't count as at bats.

Can an umpire call a batter out without a pitch being thrown?

Yes. If a batter refuses to enter the batter's box, he is out. A batter is also out if someone else already in the lineup bats in their spot.

Who gets credit for making the out when a batter is out of order?

By MLB rule, the fielders that made the putout/assist on the incorrect batter shall be given the putout/assist for the correct batter. If the incorrect batter reaches base, the putout is given to the catcher. MLB Rule 10.3(d) states ... "When a player bats out of turn and is put out, and the proper batter is called out before the ball is pitched to the next batter, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat and score the putout and any assists the same as if the correct batting order had been followed. If an improper batter becomes a runner and the proper batter is called out for having missed his turn at bat, the official scorer shall charge the proper batter with a time at bat, credit the putout to the catcher and ignore everything entering into the improper batter's safe arrival on base. If more than one batter bats out of turn in succession, the official scorer shall score all plays just as they occur, skipping the turn at bat of the player or players who first missed batting in the proper order."

Can a batter switch bats during an at-bat?

Yes. The batter may bat from whichever side he/she chooses with whatever bat he/she chooses. However, once the pitcher is on the pitching rubber the batter may not switch sides nor bats until after that pitch.

What is the new batting order when a player is called out for batting out of order?

== == A magnitude of different scenarios exist for batting out of order, but I will try to give as simple and general of an answer as I can. I will break this down in to two parts, one for batting out of order and a pitch being thrown to the next batter, and one for no pitch having been thrown yet. If a pitch has been thrown to the player batting after the improper batter, everything stands: hit, walk, out, steal, anything. The only thing that could change is who is batting now. The person who SHOULD be batting now is whoever is listed after the improper batter in the lineup (assuming they have received a pitch). So if you have batters 1,2,3,4,5, etc. #2 bats when #1 should have. He gets a hit. Batter #1 then comes to bat and takes a strike. Batting out of order is noticed. Batter #3 should be batting now because he is listed after batter #2. Batter #3 would assume whatever the count was that batter #1 had and bat in his place, then 4 then 5 and so on. If a pitch HAS NOT been thrown to the next batter after batting out of order, it gets tricky. Lets again assume batters 1,2,3,4,5, etc. #2 bats when #1 should have, and gets a hit, then batter #3 comes up, but the out of order is noticed before the pitch. Since #2 batted and #1 should have, #1 is called out, the runner is removed from the bases and the next spot in the order comes to bat, in the case, batter #2 will hit again. I would love to give a full breakdown but there are so many different scenarios and quirky tidbits that make this hard to explain, or understand for anybody. Just remember, If a pitch has not been thrown to the next batter, call the improper batter out, take away the plays that resulted from his actions (except for if he gets out, then its just a lineup modification) and get the batter in there who should be batting after the guy who SHOULD have batted in the first place. If a pitch HAS been thrown, just make sure you have the batter in the box who bats after the batter who went out of order.

Can a batter change bats while at bat in a baseball game?


Can a mbl baseball batter be replaced at anytime?

An MLB batter can be replaced anytime during the game but once the batter is batting the coach must wait till he is on base or after their team bats.

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