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Assist if you've ever watched Basketball you should know

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Q: When a basketball player passes the ball to his teammate and the teammate makes a shot what is that called?
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What do the assisst means in basketball?

An assist occurs when a player passes the ball to a teammate and the teammate scores.

What is it called in basketball when one offensive player blocks a defensive player to get a teammate open?

A screen or a "pick". If it's done illegally, it's a moving screen usually.

Why is a basketball player credited with an assist?

When a player makes a great pass that sets up a teammate for a basket (that is made)

What is a basketball play called in which one player throws the ball in the vicinity of the rim and the jumping teammate catches it and scores in one motion?


In basketball can you get a technical for giving your teammate a hi five after the play?

There shouldn't be anything wrong with giving your teammate a hi-five after a play, it gives your teammate confidence. Giving them hi-five is good sportsmanship. Any ref that would give a player a technical for giving his teammate a hi-five is out of line. that happened in basketball with blake griffin

What is the longest amount time a player should keep possession of the ball in basketball before passing to a teammate?

a player can hold it for 5 seconds and dribble it for 10 seconds then he has to make a basketball play

What is it called when a player throws the ball to another teammate and the ball is dropped?


What is the definition of assist?

To help someone out. An assist in basketball is a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a field goal by the player the ball was passed to.

Who was the first white professional basketball player to room on away games with a Black teammate?

Ahmed Hassan from Georgia and was weak and couldn't cop a ball

In basketball if Player A passes to Player B Player B shoots gets fouled and misses does player A get an assist on the first made foul shot?

No he does not

What is it called when a player trips another player in basketball?

A foul.

What is an 'assist' in basketball?

An assist is when player A passes the ball to player B and player B makes the shot in a short time, resulting in player A getting an assist.

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