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Using the ratio of 60 MPH = 88 Ft per Sec Distance = Rate x Time or T = D/R R = 37 MPH (88/60) =or= 54.267 Ft Per Sec T = D/R = 40 Ft / 54.267 Ft per Sec = 0.737 Sec

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Q: When a ball is thrown at 90 mph from 40 feet how fast is it?
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What is a change up pitch in softball?

'Change up' is another name for a 'slow ball'. Where a fast ball may be thrown around 90 or so MPH, a change up would be thrown in the 75-80 MPH range. It is thrown with the same motion as a fast ball and is used to fool the batter into swinging early at the pitch.

How fast will a 5 lb ball be going if dropped from 2000 feet?

About 124 MPH

How fast does a fast ball have to be to be a fast ball?

69 mph It can be any speed but probably about 60 mph

Is a softball pitched at 68 mph the same as a baseball pitched at 98?

No...If the softball was pitched from a distance of 43 feet it is equivalent to a ball thrown just over 95 mph from a distance of 60' 6" which is the pitching distance in major league baseball. If the 68 mph pitch was thrown from 40 feet then it is equal to a 102 plus mph pitch at 60 feet 6 inches. Because speed is the relevance of time and distance then a ball thrown from 2 different distances and takes the same amount of time to travel each distance means the further of which will have to travel faster to cover more distance.

How fast can a bowling ball be thrown in mph?

It depends on the bowler. One of the fastest ball speeds in the world belongs to two-hander Jason Belmonte of Australia; on certain spare tries, his ball has been clocked exceeding 35 mph. However, a more reasonable speed for an adult male league bowler would be about half that, or 16-18 mph.

How fast was the fastest pitch ever thrown by John Smoltz?

97 mph

How fast can a soccer ball be kicked?

1800 mph

How fast is 54 mph?

54 mph is 79.2 feet per second.

How fast in mph is 32 feet per second squared?

1,309 mph

How fast can a golf ball fly?

Tiger Woods' ball speed is 170 MPH.

If a baseball is pitched 55 mph from a distance of 45 feet what would that speed simulate from a distance of 54 feet?

A ball thrown at 55mph will take ~.558 seconds to go 45 feet. A ball will take ~.558 seconds to travel 54 feet at a speed of 66mph. So, the 55mph pitch from 45 feet is simulating 66mph from 54 feet.

How fast did Bob Feller throw?

The best information I have came from a short film biography that stated in 1941 his fast ball speed was estimated by comparison with a speeding motorcycle going 86 mph. It was estimated he reached 104 mph. However, in 1946 radar guns were available. His fast ball was measured at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. Claim is that his fast balls frequently measured over 100 mph during regular games. In a film biography of Bob Feller it is said in 1941 his fast ball was estimated at 104 mph. However, in 1946 when radar guns were available his fast ball was clocked at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. He frequently exceeded 100 mph in regular games.