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When NFL teams from the same division finish with the same record, there are a number of tie breakers that are applied. In order, they are

  1. head-to-head record
  2. record against teams in their division
  3. record against common opponents
  4. record against teams in their conference
  5. strength of victories (win-loss percentage of all teams the respective team has beaten)
  6. strength of schedule
  7. best ranking of teams in the conference for points scored and allowed
  8. best ranking of all teams for points scored and allowed
  9. most net points in common games
  10. most net points in all games
  11. most net touchdowns
  12. coin flip

For teams in the same division with the same win-loss record, the NFL goes down the list of these tiebreakers until the tie is broken. For example, in 2011, the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders all finished 8-8. so to determine who wins the division title the above tie breakers were used. All 3 of the teams, were 2-2 against each other, so tiebreaker 1 doesn't break the tie. All 3 teams were 3-3 in the division, so tiebreaker 2 doesn't break the tie either. However, the Denver Broncos had the best record among common opponents, so they won the division on tiebreaker 3.

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Q: When NFL teams in the same division finish with equal records who wins?
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