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A trick to taking out the wrinkles from a soccer ball that has not been inflated for a while is to let some air out of the ball. Then, air the ball up again while heating the ball with a hair dryer.

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Q: When I inflated a soccer ball it had creases that wont go away how do I fix this?
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Could water get in a soccer ball?

Not if were properly inflated, otherwise yes.

How far does a soccer ball go with proper inflation?

A full inflated soccer ball can go a very large distance. It can easily cover 90-100m.

What number is soccer in the Dewey?

Dewey Decimal System catalogs soccer under 796.33 (Inflated ball driven by foot)

How a soccer ball is put together?

Soccer balls are made from pieces of leather, which are shaped so that, when stitched together and inflated, they form a sphere.

What is the official psi for a soccer ball?

Official FIFA soccer balls must be inflated to 12.5-13.5 pounds per square inch.(PSI).

How do you win the ball from a striker in soccer?

kick the ball away from them

How heavy is soccer ball like?

A soccer ball feels like smooth leather, along with creases in between each square of the whole ball.

Do soccer players prefer soft balls or fully inflated ones?

Soccer players require a fully inflated ball. A fully inflated ball can be kicked farther and rolls farther. Ideally you should use a pressure gauge and inflate to the maximum pressure listed on the ball. If your pump doesn't have a gauge, if the ball has just a little give when pressed with your finger tips it is close enough. If you can't make a slight indentation with your finger tips, it's over inflated. If you can make over a half inch indentation, it needs more air. A properly inflated ball seems hard for younger players, but they're not going to hurt their foot if they are kicking properly.

What are soccer traditions?

yelling PUTO! when the golie kicks the ball away

In soccer what is it called when a player kicks the ball away from the goal?

A clearance

Why cant Cinderella play soccer?

cause she run away from the ball

What is the best way to control the soccer ball?

you have to think first. which do i go and kick the ball away you like.