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Q: When El Duque was banned from baseball in Cuba he was?
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What baseball player goes by the nickname El Duque?

Orlando Hernandez

What has the author Aquilino Duque written?

Aquilino. Duque has written: 'El mono azul'

What are the ratings and certificates for El Duque de Lerma - 2010?

El Duque de Lerma - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Spain:T

What actors and actresses appeared in El Duque de Lerma - 2010?

The cast of El Duque de Lerma - 2010 includes: Adolfo Beamonte as Felipe III

Cuantos anillos de serie mundial tiene el duque hernandez?

Translation: How many world series rings does "Duque" Hernandez have?

What is most unique aspect of El Duque pitching style?

His smartness

Was El Grande a real pitcher for the New York Yankees?

No. There was, however, Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez.

What actors and actresses appeared in El duque - 2010?

The cast of El duque - 2010 includes: Rita Basulto as herself Guillermo del Toro as himself Lupita Espinosa as herself Rodrigo Mora as himself

What nicknames did Rigo Mora go by?

Rigo Mora went by El Duque.

Which is closer to the equator Belize-Cuba or El Salvador?

cuba Cuba

Is Cuba a democrative country?

No. Cuba es un pais el cual se encuentra bajo el comunismo

What is after cuba's el padrino tier?

after El Padrino is the El Cacique job tier.