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well they've played at old trafford so basicly when they were playing home not away

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Q: When Did Manchester United First Play In Red?
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What soccer is called the red devils?

Manchester United Football club is known as the red devils. They are from Manchester in the UK. They play in the Barclays Premier League.

What is manchester united's nick name?

Manchester United are well known as the Red Devils.

Who was called the red devils first Manchester united or Crawley town?


What is Manchester United's nickname?

Manchester United are well known as the Red Devils.

What is the nick name of Manchester United?

Manchester United's nickname is "The Red Devils".

What is the official color of the Manchester United football team?

The official color of Manchester United is RED

What are Manchester united's colors?

The Colours of Manchester United's Home Kit are Red-White and Black. Red Shirt, White Shorts and Black Socks.

What is the name of the Manchester united soccer team?

The Manchester team is called The Red Devils.

What's the name of the Simply Red Lead Singer?

Mick Hucknell Mick Hucknall is a Mancunian? Apparently? he is from the north west of England he is a Reggae conneseur and supports Manchester united...He used to be in a punk band. Yeah, Mick Hucknall was born in Manchester and lived in Bredbury. He does support Manchester United and he also has red hair... When the band Simply Red first started it was actually only called Red after his red hair and the fact that Manchester United wear red but when they went on stage they were announced as "simply, Red" but this stuck and became the bands name.

Does Manchester united have a nik name?

The Red Devils

Manchester united is often reffered as?

The Red Devils

Has evra ever collected a red card while playing for Manchester united?

Yes Patrice Evra has collected red cards while playing for Manchester United.