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Calgary host the Olympics in 1988 and events were held in venue in or around Calgary.

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Q: When Calgary held the winter Olympics where did the events take place?
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Which event took place in Calgary in 1988?

The Winter Olympics.

When do some figure skating events take place?

winter Olympics

Is the Olympics an event or a meet?

The summer and winter olympics are meets that are held every 4 years. Although during the meet there are events that take place. e.g (track and field events and swimming events in the summer olympics and skiing or snowboarding in the winter olympics)

What Olympic event takes place after the Olympics?

No other event occurs after the Olympics. What about the Winter Olympics for snow type events and then the para Olympics.

What were all the events that take place during the winter Olympics?

2010, South London, England

Who came 55th in his event in the Calgary winter Olympics in 1988?

Many people came in 55th place in their event. Be more specific about the event.

Are these the winter or summer Olympics?

If the games are taken place during the winter, then it is the Winter Olympics. If the games are taken place in the summer, then its the Summer Olympics.

What sports take place in the winter Olympics?

Moguls, biathlon, luge and ice skating are some events.

Where are the winter Olympics taking place?

The 2010 winter Olympics took place in Vancouver, Canada.

What events are currently taking place in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Probebly the usual, skiing, speedskating, bobsleding, and the sort.

Where did the 1953 Winter Olympics take place?

The Winter Olympics did not take place in 1953. They took place in 1952 in Oslo, Norway.

What place where the world united for The Winter Olympics?

The winter Olympics in 2014 were held in Russia.

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