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Q: When Altering the playing area the rules of the game and reducing the number of players on a team are what?
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The number of basketball players playing on the USA basketball team?


How many number of players in playing a scrabble?

maximum of 4 people

How many players can you have in surfing?

Well...this is a good one, the number of players depend on the number of participants in the game, it therefore can accumulate as many players as it can.

Number of high school baseball players?

There are roughly 235,000 HS baseball players playing on 15,720 HS baseball teams.

Best Soccer Players of the the 1990that wore the Number 8?

ian right playing for arsenal

Which players wore the number 00 while playing for the Detroit Pistons?

the pistons mascot HOOPER

What is the significance of numbers on rugby union jerseys?

The number is normally associated with the players playing position

How many players play golf?

In a single group the maximum number of players playing their own ball is four. You can have a one, two, three or four ball.

Number of players on a basketball team?

In the NBA, there must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players. Only 12 players can be active to play a game, and 10 players must be active with 5 starters and 5 reserves, or bench players. There are 5 from each team playing on the court at any one time. In college 12 is the maximum number of players that can be on the roster.

What is number of players to make it to the NHL without playing in the AHL?

Roughly 4-7% go straight to the NHL

Do all rugby players get injured?

No, not all players get injured. However, most will receive some injury at some point in their playing career, and a large number receive major injuries.

How many players are on an nhl team.does that number include both dressed goaltenders?

while playing in a game the team will have 20 players: 12 forwards, 6 defencemen and 2 goalies