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The original Air Jordans were released in 1985.

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Q: When Air Jordans basketball shoes first came out?
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Which came first Barkleys or Jordans shoes?


What nba player micahel jordans shoes came off during a game?

The NBA that was wearing Michael Jordan shoes that came off during a game was Tony Wroten.

What was the year micheal jordans first shoe came out?


Best basketball shoes?

high jordans 4 sure. my friend uses them and they are awesome. they're nice looking shoes too. although... they are a little expensive. Nike hyperizers are pretty good. A lot of players wear the hyperdunks. The Air Jordans are good. The new ones just came out. It shows it on ESPN with Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade. the Adidas pro model is a great shoe. The reebok talkin crazy or permiter V is good. New Balance 889 basketball shoes are good. Especially for wide feet. And1 has great low top shoes. DaDa makes shoes that latrell sprewell use to be sponsored by. converse has some good ones like the EB2. the KD1 and KD2 are both good. They are sponsored by Kevin Durant. The pony shoes are more old fashion but are very durable.

What came first netball or basketball?


Which came first football or basketball?


What came first golf basketball or baseball?

The game of golf came before basketball or baseball. It was invented in Scotland in the 1400's. Baseball was invented next, and basketball last.

Which came first football baseball or basketball?


What sport came first basketball or soccer?


What year did basketball come about?

Basketball first came about in early December 1981.

When did Nike running shoes first come out?

they came out in 1984.

What is Lunarlon cushioning?

Lunarlon cushioning is a lightweight performing material that nike mainly uses for their running shoes, but for 2011 they came out with a basketball shoe (lunar hypergamer) with lunarlon in the midsole at first u will feel like your barefoot but you will get used to it

Year the first Air Jordan basketball shoe came out?

in 1999

What are jordans called when they have a Nike and Jordan on it?

They are just Jordans. Nike owns Jordan and that's why on retro jordans you see nike air a lot. The OG or original jordans had nike air on them and that's why when the Jordan 3 and 4 came out with nike air on the back, it was a big deal.

Who came up with the idea of shoes?

One of the first known groups of people to use shoes was the Egyptians. Shoes were first invented like anything else as a solution to a common problem. The problem was walking over rocks and other uncomfortable terrain. This was very painful so they came up with a way to protect their feel. Shoes!

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball?

Basketball came to Duke University in 1906 when the university was known as Trinity College.

How many players have been drafted first round by Duke basketball?

Duke University has one of the richest basketball traditions in the United States. To date, Duke has had 35 first round NBA draft picks. The first came in 1963 and the most recent came in 2014.

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Basketball was invented first. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, but volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan. Basketball was invented first. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, but volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan. Oops, didn't mean to put my answer up there twice. Sorry!

Who first put metal shoes on horses?

There is little evidence to when metal horses shoes first came into use, but it is speculated that they were not used until after AD 500 or 600, but it is thought that the Gauls people were the first to use nailed on metal horse shoes.

What year did the first Air Jordan shoes come out?

The first piar of air jordens came out in 2000

Why do they call the net in basketball a basket?

When basketball was first made it was used for a gym game and they put baskets on top of poles, that is where the name came from.

What day do the new Jordans come out?

What new Jordan's came out yesterday

What are the name of the brand new jordans that just came out?

Vintage mars

When did a girls basketball separate from the boys basketball?

males and females playing basketballbasketball was separated by the sex when it first came out. Basketball was never aloud to be played by both males and females together.

How old was koby when he first started playing basketball?

18, he came right from high school

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