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Q: Whats the price of an uncut 78 -79 o-pee-chee special autographed sheet of cards Bobby Orr special Dave Taylor rcwilli plett randy carlisle?
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What are the powers of carlisle?

carlisle doesnt have any special vampire powers only jasper Alice, edward, Bella and renesmee have powers

What are Carlisle powers in twilight?

idk look for it there are no special powers that carlisle have but yes he is the one who can resist the temptation of human blood to any extent.

What is carlilse cullens abilitie?

Carlisle doesn't have any special vampire abilities.

Which of the Cullens listed here does not have a special power?

Rosalie and Emmett, and Carlisle and Esme do not have powers.

What is Carlisle's special power?

Edward claims that Carlisle believes that his own special power is compassion.That having been said, he does seem to have a unique ability that he used in conjunction with Jasper's power to avoid a fight with the Werewolves in Eclipse.

How much does an autographed baseball sell for?

That would depend on who has autographed the ball and if the ball is special in any way (a record breaking home run ball for example could be worth half a million dollars).

Does Esme Cullen have a special power?

She does not have an actual power, but she, like Carlisle, has undying love and passion for those around her.

What ability does carlisle have as a vampire on twilight?

none Carlisle does kinda have a special ability but he taught himself he is completely immune to human blood so he doesn't go crazy when he smells it like most of the other Cullen's

When is the movie Clear Lake WI coming out on DVD?

I have an autographed copy of a "special edition advanced screener" version if you are interest.

Has Belinda Carisle been in Law and Order Special Victim Unit?

Belinda Carlisle has no credits for any of the Law and Order series.

Where can one get an autographed Boston Red Sox sweatshirt?

Autographed Boston Red Sox sweatshirts are not available very frequently. They are sometimes found on eBay or in special auctions. However, one would be more successful in acquiring an autographed Boston Red Sox sweatshirt by purchasing a Boston Red Sox sweatshirt and finding a player after a game and asking them to autograph it.

Who is Eleazar in 'Breaking Dawn'?

Eleazer is the vampire father figure of the Alaskan coven. He knows Carlisle well and has the special ability of sensing a vampire's talent.

What is the value of a special edition Louisville Slugger autographed engraved White Sox 2005 Black Bat World Series Champions edition 6579 of 10000?

what is the value of the louisville slugger autographed engraved white sox 2005 black bat world series champion

What is Edward Cullens special ability?

Special Abilities: Edward: Reading minds from a distance. Alice: Seeing the future Jasper: Controls emotions Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and Esme don't have any special abilities. Hope this helps! Special Abilities: Edward: Reading minds from a distance. Alice: Seeing the future Jasper: Controls emotions Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and Esme don't have any special abilities. Hope this helps! Special Abilities: Edward: Reading minds from a distance. Alice: Seeing the future Jasper: Controls emotions Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and Esme don't have any special abilities. Hope this helps!

How much is a Mark McGwire autographed jersey worth?

It depends on what team jersey and what year or special events happened that year. ie sprecial patches on sleeves and how good the signature is.

What is Rosalie's special power?

Rosalie doesn't have an extra talent. The only Cullens with a special talent are Alice, who can see the future, Edward, who can read minds, Jasper, who can manipulate peoples emotions, and Esme, who has the abilty to love passionately. Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett don't have an extra talent.

What is Emmett's and Rosalie's powers in twilight?

In the Twilight saga, not all vampires have special abilities above those which all vampires have, Rosalie and Emmett do not have any extra abilities, neither do Carlisle or Esme.

How much is a 1996 david Robinson special issue hologram fleer card worth?

You can buy one right now for around 8 dollars a card. If it is autographed, it can go up to well over a hundred dollars.

What is carlisle's talent?

Carlisle Cullen wasn't known to have a special talent like Alice's future seeing, Edward's mind reading, etc. But he was described once as being a compassionate vampire, if you count that as a power than that would be his. He trained, or worked very hard for many years, to overcome the scent of blood so he could work in hospital to help people. His will and strength could also be considered a talent.

What are some characteristics of Dr Carlisle Cullen in Twilight?

Very nice, compassionate and peaceful. He's the first vampire out of the Cullens (started the Cullens). He doesn't have a special power, but has an ability to make everyone trust him,love him,respect him or at the very least,be nice.

How did the twilight characters become vampires?

Edward Became a vampire in the 1900's because he was dieing of the Spanish Influenza and his mother wanted Carlisle wanted to save him. Esme Became a vampire because she was dieing and Carlisle wanted someone to love as a wife. Rosalie became a vampire because her fiancee was drunk and hurt her badly and Carlisle found her and wouldn't just let her die. Emmet became a vampire because a bear attacked him and was about to finish him off- but Rosalie found him and took him to Carlisle. Alice became a vampire because James bit her. Jasper became a vampire because a Vampire named Marie found him and thought he was special- so instead of killing him she transformed him.

Where in the Twilight books say hedi can she can create illusions of somthing someone desires with her mind?

She doesn't. Heidi is with the Volturi, and possesses no supernatural talent other than that of regular vampires. You may be referring to Siobhan of the Irish coven. Carlisle believes that Siobhan has a special talent in which she wills her desired outcome to happen.

How old is carslile Cullen?

He is supposed to be around 20 or something... However, according to Twilight, Carlisle had celebrated his 362nd birthday. I would say by Breaking Dawn, he would be 364 or somewhere around that... He was born sometime in the 1616. Plus if you do the math, subtract Edward age from Carlisle's in vampire years than it equals up. When Carlisle changed Edward he was 253 in 1918 and count down from there. --- But in some book, they say he barely looks like he's 30 he is physically 23, in vampire years like 362 i think If you go online and search for pics of Carlisle from Eclipse you can find the Vampire Status picture that tells his full name, status, group, D.O.B which it says 1640's, and that his "Special abilities are:Compassion, and ability to resist the thirst for human blood,", and that he was transformed in 1663, so he would be roughly... Early to mid 20's. hope I helped:) - Written by Emily P.

How much would series 1-4 from Harry Potter be worth?

Right now, the market is so flooded with copies of Harry Potter that they are not worth very much at all. You can get used copies online for just a couple of dollars. If they are autographed, special edition, or have something else interesting about them, it could raise the value.

What is Rosalies ability as a vampire?

Rosalie doesnt have an extra gift/ability. There are some vampires that do possesses a talent or ability such as Alice being able to see the furture, Jasper controlling emotions, Edward being able to read minds, and Bella begging able to project her shield. Carlisle has a theory that vampires that have a specail ability is jsut that it was what they were good at when they were human. Jasper, when he was human, could calm people down. His words were naturally very convincing. But then you have vampires that don't have a special ability like Carlisle, Esme and Emmett. Rosalie is one of the vampires that do not have a ability or supernatural talent.