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Bear Bryant.

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Q: Whats the name of Forrest gumps football coach?
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What is Forrest gumps son's name?

Forrest Gump Jr.

What was Forrest gumps mothers name?

Her first name is never mentioned.

What is forest gumps real name?

Forrest Gump

What was the name of Forrest Gumps true love?


What is Forrest Gumps favorite book?

he doesnt say.

What is Complete name of bubba in Forrest gumps?

Benjamin Buford Blue

What is the name of Forrest gumps best friend?

Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue

What is the name of Forrest gumps girlfriend?

Jenny Curran. She was played by Robin Wright Penn.

What was the name of Forrest Gumps shrimp boat?

Forrest Gump's shrimp boat (or more accurately, his fleet of boats) has the name of Jenny.

Who were Forrest Gumps friend Bubba's parents?

She was only referred to as Mama. Bubba's father was not mentioned.

What were the two standing orders of Forrest Gumps platoon?

Keep your head down and change your socks.

What started Forrest Gumps running?

As a child Gump had to run from bullies, which eventually led to his football scholarship. As an adult he ran after Jenny left him again. It was his way to deal with a broken heart.

What is Forrest gumps mental deficiency?

IQ score below 70, which falls into the mentally retarded range.

Can you show me Forrest's Gumps son?

Below is a link to photos of Michael Conner Humphreys all grown up.

What was the westernmost point for Forrest Gumps run?

The Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. That's about as westward as you can go.

What is the full name of Forrest GUmps friend bubba?

Bubba's full name was Benjamin Buford Blue, but his friends called him 'Bubba'

What is the full name of Forrest Gumps Army Friend Bubba?

Bubba's full name is Pvt. Benjamin Buford Blue and is played by Mykelti Williamson.

Where is Forrest Gumps dad?

There was never an explaination about where or who Gump's father was. Mrs. Gump just said he was 'on a vacation'. So the viewer is left to conclude that he either died or deserted his family. There was also the possibility that Mrs. Gump was never married and Forrest was illegitimate.

What is Forrest gumps IQ?

The movie never specifically says, but in the scene where his mother is meeting with the principal of his school, he shows her a chart and indicating that Forrest is 10-20 points below the average mark. so about 70 to 80.

What is Forrest gumps defficiency?

Forrest has an IQ of 75 when the minimum requirement to get into a regular school requires an IQ of at least 80. In spite of this deficiency, Forrest experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. He had been an All-American football player, he won the Medal of Honor for his bravery in Vietnam, he traveled to China as a member of the national table tennis team, he appeared on TV with John Lennon, became rich and was introduced to three presidents, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

What is the Bubba Gumps outlet best known for?

The Bubba Gumps outlets are best known for their shrimp. There are over thirty Bubba Gumps restaurants through out the United States. The first one opened in California.

Who played forest gumps mother?

sally field

What was forest gumps home town?

Greenbow, Alabama.

What is forest gumps nick names?

Forest, Gump

Where did Jenny live in the movie Forrest Gump?

Originally she lived with her father in a small house near the Gumps. After her father abused her she went to live with her grandmother where she was closer still to Gump's house. She lived in a dorm room during the college years, then she drifted for the next few years. After reuniting with Forrest briefly, she lived in Savannah, GA. It was there that Forrest sat on the bench waiting for the bus to take him to Jenny's apartment. After that she moved back home to Forrest's house where she later died.