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You should not try to do much weight. If you have a good spotter you could probably do your body weight. But remember what's more important? Bengkulu 200lbs or doing your body weight 10 times?

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Q: Whats the heaviest bench press by a 14 year old?
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What is the heaviest weight a 15 year old could bench?

depends on how strong he/she is

What is the teenage bench press record?

teenage bench press record in 1988 695 pounds as an 18 year old teenage bench press record in 1988 695 pounds as an 18 year old

How much can the average 30 year old bench press?

The average bench press for a full grown man is 150lbs.

Who much can a 16 year old bench press?

If your in good shape should bench your weight.

What is the bench press record for 17 year olds?


How does a 14 year old boy get big pecs Relatively fast?

a 14 year old boy shouldn't workout too much as his muscles are still forming and growing. Exercises that will help to enlarge the pecks are barbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, decline barbell bench press, and decline dumbbell bench press.

What is the average bench press of a twelve year old boy?

i weigh 95 pounds an i bench 130

How much should a 15 year old girl bench press?

a 15 year girl should bench press an amount of weight depending on her bodymass,diet,hight etc.

What is the average bench press for 67 year old male?

A 67 year old probably shouldn't bench press too much. Do whatever feels right. Do not overdue it.

How much can an average 62 year old man bench press?

Don't know what the answer is for the average, but I will be 63 this year and can bench 200 lbs.

What is the average bench press of a 48 year old man?

I'd say average 48 year old male can probably bench press his own body weight one time.

How much can the average 40 year old woman bench press?

The average 40 year old woman should be able to bench press 52% of her body weight.

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