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I usually work it at about 50:1 ratio. That's 50 parts petrol to one part 2 stroke oil. You might find it useful to purchase a small mixing cup (like a Ratio Rite). It'll let you mix easily no matter how much fuel you have.

if you were smart you would run 40:1 and have your bike last longer.

-Most manufacturers recommend 32:1 ratio as this provides the best lubrication and will prolong the life of your piston and cylinder. If you run too lean (ie-50:1, you will go through pistons and cylinders much quicker) The only problem with running too much oil is you can foul plugs, so it will take a little trial and error as each bike is a little different.

I personally run about 38:1 (according to the ratio rite cup) on my Suzuki RM 125. Keep in mind, if you run less oil, you are also making your bike run richer, so you may have to adjust your carburetor jet settings to compensate for it. Your best bet is to call your local Honda dealer and ask them the correct ratio for the bike, better yet, get the repair manual. (and definitely don't run 50:1 unless you like frying your piston)

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Q: Whats the fuel-oil mix ratio on a 1994 Honda CR125?
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the mixtuer is 40:1 I like to use a 32:1

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if you are riding it hard all the time mix it at 32 to one if you are just putting mix it at 35 to one you can go 40 0r 45 but you will need to rebild it more often i run my 99 cr at 35 and is great hope this helps

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