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about 5.6 -6.4

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Q: Whats the average height of middle school basketball players?
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How many players are there on a middle school boy's basketball team?

There's a minimum of 12 and an average maximum of 15. class of 2012 middle school basketball players?


What is the height of a middle school basketball hoop?

10 feet

What is the height of middle school basketball hoop?

A middle school basketball hoop is the same height as a professional hoop. A height of 10 feet is used for every level of basketball, except for some pee-wee/elementary leagues that use 8 feet.

What is the height of a middle school basketball hoop from ground?

10 feet

How tall is a basketball goal in middle school?

All basketball goals are the same regulation height of 10ft.

Wv top 100 middle school basketball players?

thon maker

Do basketball players in the middle east get paid?

If they are in the National team, then yes they do get paid.

Are mouth guards required for middle school basketball players in Vermont?


What is the average height of middle school kids?

about 4.8

Used to start a basketball game?

The reff throws the ball into the middle of two players

Who are the top 10 middle school basketball players in Ohio?

1.Sean Gooden

What happens if you only have 4 players left in the middle of a basketball game?

probably a forfeit

What is the height of a west virgina middle school basketball goal?

10 feet high

How many people play basketball?

There are many, many people that play basketball, including elementary school kids, middle school kids, high school kids, college basketball players, NBA players, WNBA players, female players in schools, other countries, etc.

Who are some the top 8th grade basketball players in middle TENNESSEE?

Cynterius lyons-rock springs middle(smyrna)

What is the average weight and height of a freshman middle linebacker?


Height of regulation basketball hoop- middle school?

In middle school throughout the pros, the middle schools should have a ten foot high goals.

What is the average height for a kid graduating middle school?

The average height for a 14-14 1/2 boy is 5'2-5'3"

What the average amount of players for a middle school baseball team?


Who is Carson middle school basketball players?

alec Stuart , miles carrier , Trent webb and your mom

What is the average height of middle eastern men?

169 to 172 cm

What was the average human weight and height of the knights in the middle ages?

Average height of men in the middle ages was nearly as tall as men today, due to a study by a professor at Ohio State Univ.

Average height of NFL middle linebacker?

Avg. Middle linebacker - 6 ft. 0 in. in the NFL.

Is it ok if a middle school basketball team has 8 players?

Yes as long as there are 5 on the field and three on the bench