Whats new yorks real name

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Whats new yorks real name
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In the show i love New York What is New Yorks Real name?

Tiffany Tiffany Pollard

What is new yorks seal?

i dont know whats new york seal people. so look for other web thankxx

What is new yorks nik name?

The Big Apple

What is new yorks famous nick-name?

the big apple..

In the show you love New York what is New Yorks last name?

Tiffany Creech

What is new yorks tallest builing's name?

100,000 workes protesed where?

What was New Yorks first name?

Mannhaton it was choosed by Indians

Why was New Amsterdams name changed?

the name was changed because the duke of yorks brother handed him over the land and he named it New York

How do you take a governor out of a cavalier?

hi my name is desirae and im going to tell you who new yorks govener yorks govener is um im not so sure but hi!

What are some famous buildings in Quito?

i dont know any but i know new yorks do u need new yorks?

What is new yorks rank?


How was the New York colonies Governor selected?

Well new yorks governor got selected by votes. Well new yorks governor got selected by votes.