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The speed of most cars today is limited by the computer, no matter what the speedometer says. My car's speedometer lists 140, but it actuality 120 is the top speed as the limiter kicks in and controls the speed by way of a fuel shut off.

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Q: Whats a cars top speed if the speedometer say 145?
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Whats the dodge chargers top speed?

145 MPH ON A 2008 DAYTONA 09 SRT8 governed to 267 km/hr

You travel 145 miles in 2 hourswhat is your speed?

145/2=72.5 MPH

What is the top speed of Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe Motorcycle?

I don't know the exact answer to this. I have followed my friend who has a 1100cc Kawasaki crotch rocket up to 145 mph unknowingly. He has a 180 mph speedometer, mine was maxed out.

What was the wind speed of hurricane Floyd?

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Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Volvo 145 wagon 1974?

115 bhp is the power of the Volvo 145 wagon 1974 engine and its maximum speed is 9 mph.

If you travel 145 miles in 3.5 hours how much miles will you travel in 5 hours?

To travel 145 miles in 3.5 hours requires an average speed of 145/3.5 mph. The distance traveled at this speed for 5 hours would be approximately 207 miles (5 x 145/3.5 miles).

Whats the top speed of a 1991 Toyota Celica gt?

I own a 1991 gts with a cold and and high performance plugs and wires. with just me in the car i did 145 then i thought i saw a cop and had to brake, i had about 300 rpms left

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The top speed of the 2009 Ford Mustang (GT) is 145-155 mph.

How long will a plane flying at the speed of 145 miles per hour take to travel a distance of 870 miles?

six hours 870 / 145 = 6

What is the top speed of a 2007 Yamaha fz6?

Mine was 145 MPH at 12,500 rpm

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