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The Vikings played the Super Bowl in 1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977.

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Q: What years the vikings been to Super Bowl?
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How many times have vikings been to super bowl?


How many times have vikings been to the Super Bowl?


Have the Minnesota Vikings ever won the Super Bowl?

No. The Minnesota Vikings are 0-4 in Super Bowl competition.The Vikings have never won the Super Bowl but they have played in four Super Bowls.

What year did the Vikings win a Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings have been to a total of four Super Bowls as of 2010, but they have yet to win one. The years for their appearances are 1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977.

How many years have the super bowl been played?

The Super Bowl has been played for 45 years (Super Bowl XLV). XLV is Roman Numerals for 45.

How many times have the Minnesota Vikings been in Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings have appeared in four Super Bowls and lost all four: Super Bowl IV (1970): Kansas City Chiefs 23, Vikings 7 Super Bowl VIII (1974): Miami Dolphins 24, Vikings 7 Super Bowl IX (1975): Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Vikings 6 Super Bowl XI (1977): Oakland Raiders 32, Vikings 14 However, before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Minnesota Vikings won the NFL Championship in 1969.

Who are famous Minnesota Vikings?

The Minnesota Vikings are an NFL team based out of Minnesota. They have been to the super bowl 4 times.

How many Minnesota Vikings hall of famers have super bowl rings?

none of them do, the vikings have been two four super bowls but they have never won one

Who is been to the Super Bowl the most but never won?

Bills and Vikings (4 appearances, no wins)

How many years has there been a super bowl?


What is the earliest date a Super Bowl has been played?

That game was the earliest Super Bowl ever played. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Minnesota VIkings 32-14.

How many years have the super bowl been in existence?

February 2016 is the 50th annual Super Bowl.

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