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Q: What years did Willie Horton play for the Detroit Tigers?
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How old is Willie Horton?

Willie Horton is 60 years old (birthdate: August 12, 1951).

How long was Ty Cobb manager of the Detroit Tigers?

Ty Cobb managed the Detroit Tigers for six years, from 1921 through 1926. He then played two years for the Philadelphia A's before retiring.

What years did the Detroit Tigers have a yearbook?

Detroit Tigers yearbooks 1934 - 2009The first year the Detroit Tigers issued a yearbook was in 1934. The cover pictures a batter, and the Detroit Tiger mascot head, and has a value of about $1,000. in excellent - near/mint condition. There was a yearbook issued every year since, with the exception of the following years: 1935 - 1938, 1940 -1954, 1956, 1978, and between the years 1993 through 2001. There is a 1978 Detroit Tiger Yearbook.

What movie and television projects has Willie Horton been in?

Willie Horton has: Played Himself - AL Second Baseman in "1965 MLB All-Star Game" in 1965. Played Himself - AL Left Fielder in "1968 MLB All-Star Game" in 1968. Played Himself - Detroit Tigers Left Fielder in "1968 World Series" in 1968. Played Himself - AL Outfielder in "1970 MLB All-Star Game" in 1970. Played Himself - Detroit Tigers Left Fielder in "1972 American League Championship Series" in 1972. Played Himself - Detroit Tigers Pinch Hitter in "1972 American League Championship Series" in 1972. Played Himself - AL Outfielder in "1973 MLB All-Star Game" in 1973. Played himself in "ESPN SportsCentury" in 1999. Played himself in "100 Years of the World Series" in 2003. Played Himself - Ceremonial 1st Pitch in "2005 MLB All-Star Game" in 2005. Played himself in "Prime 9" in 2009.

What has the author William M Anderson written?

William M. Anderson has written: 'The glory years of the Detroit Tigers' -- subject(s): Detroit Tigers (Baseball team), Pictorial works, History

What is the average age of the Detroit red wings?

As of the 2014 season, the average age of a Detroit Tigers player is 27 years old.

Who wears number 43 for the Detroit Tigers?

Currently it's Rafeal Belliard the infield coach.

Who wore number 49 for the Detroit Tigers?

number 21 is dontrell willis number 21 in the late 40s or early 50s was worn by Barny McCosky i have a score card from those years with his name and number on it from the Detroit tigers

You would like to add that willie d warren has a son named willie hairston of Detroit he is 30 years old and the blues world should no willie d do have an off spring?

Yes Willie D do have a son Willie Hairston its my son second cousin and Willie is doing fine and a proud father of two children

How many years did randy oneal pitch for a world series winning team?

One year... 1984 Detroit Tigers!

How many ex Detroit Tigers are playing in this years mlb playoffs?

Aubrey Huff Edgar Rentaria Cody Granderson Marcus Thames

How old was Johnny Horton when he died?

johnny horton was 35 years old when he died.