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Q: What years did Vince Young play for Texas?
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Where did Vince Young play college football?


Did Vince young play for Texas longhorns?


How long did vince young play college football?

3 years

When did Vince Young play quarterback for Ohio State?

Never. He only played for Texas, and in 2003-2005.

Who did vince young play for?

In college he played for the Texas Longhorns, and in the NFL he's played for the Tennessee Titans.

Will Vince Young play for the titans next year?


What team does vince young play for?

As for 2013 he is a free agent.

Is vince young going to get traded?

yes because he does not play for the titans

Young made a great play to give Texas an amazing Championship thriller ending. What did he do?

Vince Young, then the University of Texas quarterback, ran for a touchdown in the final seconds of the Rose Bowl to give the Longhorns a 41-38 win over the University of Southern California Trojans and give Texas the BCS National Championship.

Who is the fastest quarterback?

Vince Young because Michael Vick does not play anymore.

Where did Vince young quarterback for the titans play college football?

Vince Young attended the University of Texas beginning in 2003. He led the 2005 team to an 11-0 regular season and a 41-38 National Championship win against USC in the Rose Bowl. He opted not to return to Texas for his senior year and entered into the 2006 NFL draft where he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the first round.

Is Vince young is the nfl?

no he quit and decided to play in the nhl instead he also has acted in 16 movies