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Poland have never won the FIFA World Cup.

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Q: What years did Poland win the World Cup?
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Has Poland quailified for the World Cup 2010?

No Poland has not qualified for the 2010 world cup.

Did Poland ever win world cup?

Poland have never won the FIFA World Cup.

Did Poland win soccer world cup?

Poland has never won the World Cup, and has not even qualified to participate since 2006.

Which 2 years did India win the world cup in?

India has never won any world cup.

What years did France win the World Cup?

France won the world cup in 19381998

How many times has Spain won the world cup and what years?

Spain won the world cup in 2010, it was their first world cup win.

In what years did Brazil win the soccer world cup?


What years has bacerlona won the world cup?

Barcelona can not win a world cup, as it is a club and not a country. It can only win the Champion leagueor the Europa league.

How many times did Poland win the FIFA World Cup?

Poland never won FIFA World Cup.Their best performance was in World Cup 1982 held in Spain where they finished as THIRD, after beating France 3:2 in third place match.

Has Germany qualified for the World Cup?

Germany has qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2010 and win for 11000 of years

How many years did England win world cup?

England won the world cup only once it was in 1966.

Which team is the favourite to win this years FIFA World Cup?