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never. but maybe this year! 12-0 so far..

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Q: What years did Packers have undefeated seasons?
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How many years has favre started for the packers?

16 seasons (1992-2007)

What is the nfl team that is undefeated as of 2011?

the green bay packers

How many undefeated seasons do the university of Utah football team have?

The Utes have had 2 undefeated seasons in their history. One in 2004, and one in 2008.

How many undefeated seasons have the gators had?


What NRL teams have had undefeated seasons?


How many undefeated seasons did the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

The Steelers have never had an undefeated season in their NFL history.

Who has the most undefeated seasons in NCAA football?


What football team will win the Super Bowl in the 2011 season?

Packers! They are undefeated

Did the Green Bay Packers ever finish the season undefeated?

No. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team to finish the season undefeated (17-0).

Which team has the most undefeated football seasons?

Fairmont Firebirds

How many undefeated seasons did Michigan have from 1990 to 1999?


What team did the packers defeat in super bowl xxxi?

The Green Bay Packers defeated the pittsburg steelers. This happennned in the 2011 super bowl. The Green Bay Packers were not undefeated that year.