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Jordan played on the 1984 team that won gold in Los Angeles and the 1992 team, nicknamed the 'Dream Team', that won gold in Barcelona.

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Q: What years did Michael Jordan play on the US Olympic Basketball team?
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How much did Michael Jordan basketball?

9 years

How long did Michael Jordan Play Baseball?

Michael Jordan retired from basketball to play baseball in 1993. He played for two years and returned to basketball in 1995.

How Old Was Michael Jordan When Started Pro - Basketball?

Michael Jordan's played his first NBA game when he was 21 years old.

How many years did Michael Jordan play college basketball?


How old was Michael Jordan when he first saw a basketball?

30 years old

What years did Michael Jordan play in the US Olympics basketball teams?


How long has Michael Jordan been a NBA basketball legend?

8 years

How many years was Michael Jordan in the playing pro basketball?

15 seasons

What does Michael Jordan need?

i believe Michael Jordan needs more devoted fans,a few more good years of basketball,and 2 more nba titles

What years did Michael Jordan play basketball?

1984-1993, 1996-1998, 2001-2003

What was Michael Jordan's teenage years like?

michael jordan the basketall player loved to play basketball he even went ot a camp when he was in between his junior and senior years he was also in the olympics and played for the NBA

How many years did Michael Jordan play?

michael jordan played 19 years

What age did Michael Jordan retire from basketball?

I think he retired 3 years ago when he was 42-43 because in Basketball that is a good age to retire.

Was Michael Jordan married?

Dec 29, 2006 ... Basketball star Michael Jordanand his wife Juanita divorced Friday, 17 years after the couple wed.

How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing basketball?

I'm not sure but he was 5 years of age!

How many years did Michael Jordan play Basketball?

1984-2003 which is a total of 19 years.(OVERALL)

Why does Michael Jordan quits playing basketball?

Well, he quit basketball 2 times, on the first, he retired because his father died and so then Michael Jordan promised that he will play baseball. After 2 years, he decided to come back and play basketball again. On his game, he was not good at basketball so he decided to train really hard. Then he had another game and he became the strongest ever. Years passed and Michael Jordan became the most oldest player to play in the NBA. I forgot how he quit again but i think it is because of his age.

What basketball player led the Chicago Bulls to a sixth NBA title 12 years ago today?

Michael Jordan

How many years did Michael Jordan play in the NBA?

18 years, 1984-1993. 1993-1994 season returned to basketball again and retired in 2002

How many years Micheal Jordan played basketball?

18 years

How much is a 1965 Michael Jordan college card worth?

Michael Jordan was 2 years old.

What team does Michael Jordan play on now?


What is Michael Jordan's mom name?

Michael Jordan's mother's name is Rhonda Jordan . She breastfed Michael for 3 years and is on record as saying she believes this is the reason why he is the athlete he is today.

Is Michael Jordan retired or in the hall of fame?

Michael Jordan is retired. He retired after the 2002- 2003 season with the Washington Wizards. He is not eligble to be inducted in to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame until he has been retired for 5 years. Mr Jordan will be eligble to be inducted to the Hall in 2009. PK

How many years did Michael Jordan play for the Wizards?

Jordan played for 2 years on the Wizards and 12 years on the Bulls