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The Oregon product played for the Lions from 2002 to 2005.

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Q: What years did Joey Harrington play for the Detroit Lions?
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Who has the highest average passing yards per game?

Joey Harrington of the Detroit Lions averaged 488 yards a game in passing receivers.

How old is Joey Harrington?

Joey Harrington is 32 years old (birthdate: October 21, 1978).

Which NFL team did former quarterback Joey Harrington play for?

Joey Harrington has played for a few teams. He played the longest with the Detroit Lions from 2002-2005. He then was drafted to the Miami Dolphins in 2006. After that he was again drafted to the Atlanta Falcons in 2007 and his final year in the NFL was played for the New Orleans Saints in 2008.

How tall is Joey Harrington?

Joey Harrington is 6' 4".

What is the birth name of Joey Harrington?

Joey Harrington's birth name is John Joseph Harrington.

What is Joey Harrington's birthday?

Joey Harrington was born on October 21, 1978.

When was Joey Harrington born?

Joey Harrington was born on October 21, 1978.

Who made the decision to draft Joey Harrington for the Detroit Lions in the 2002 draft was it owner William Clay Ford gm Matt Millen or coach Steve Mariucci?

it was Matt millen Steve mariucci wasnt the coach at the time

Is padraig harrington related to joey harrington?

yes i am not sure how deep of cousins, but they are cousins.

What was NFL player Joey Harrington's career earnings?

Not sure

Who has been nominated from university of Oregon for the Heisman Trophy?

Joey Harrington

Which quarterbacks played for the Detroit Lions?

There have been many. Recently, Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill, Drew Stanton, Zac Robinson, Joey Harrington, Dan Orlovsky, JT O'Sullivan, and Charlie Batch have all played for the Lions within the last decade or so. Some of the quarterbacks during the '90s include Rodney Peete and Andre Ware. Bobby Layne was probably the last really good quarterback the Lions had and he played during the '50s

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